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2017 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

The Moneyball movie renewed some interest in Billy Beane and the Athletics. The movie caused some cognitive dissonance due to the dated material in the book. They seemed to eschew fielding and therefore some fans were confused. The truth is that the A’s (along with other teams) have altered their

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2014 Fantasy BaseballFantasy BaseballTotal Run Index

Last time we took a look at the substitution values for the catchers. But it couldn’t be more different than looking at first basemen. When you look at the median score for the first basemen, you see the highest median value of any position. This is particularly true when you

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2013 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

The end of Spring Training is a hectic time for every team. When teams finalize their rosters they have to expose some players on waivers. Every other team has to decide if their 24th and 25th guy is better than what is available on the waiver wire. In a similar

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