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Alan Harrison – Founder

Currently residing in San Diego, Alan is Originally from the “Center of the Universe”, where more fist-pumpers than baseball players go to see Dr. James Andrews for Tommy John surgery and where Jimmy Hoffa IS buried – New Jersey. His fondest sports memory was the 1992 Notre Dame vs. Penn State “Snow Bowl”, in which a two-point conversion from Rick Mirer to Reggie Brooks led the Irish to victory. In a close second was being on the green for Tiger Woods’ U.S. Open comeback victory at Torrey Pines in 2008. Alan has been playing fantasy sports since 1992 – When he began logging player’s statistics into his school notebooks, instead of his homework. Alan has been a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association since 2011. Follow Alan’s nonsense on Twitter @TheFantasyFix


Brett Talley – Managing Editor/Host of TFF Radio

Brett is currently an attorney in a small law firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Before becoming a contributor for, Brett was a weekly sports columnist for the Texas Tech student newspaper, The Daily Toreador. During baseball season Brett writes a weekly starting pitcher article, The Rubber. Brett is also the host of Podcast. Each week he is joined by a different writer from the fantasy industry to talk fantasy sports. Former guests include Kevin Goldstein, Jason Collette, Mike Clay, and Nick Raducanu. You can follow him on Twitter @therealTAL

Andrew Miller – Senior Writer

Andrew is currently studying to become a teacher even though he’s already graduated from college once. His background is in journalism with experience writing for four different newspapers in southern Illinois, where he went to school and currently lives. Andrew loves watching sports, especially the St. Louis Cardinals and LSU football, thinks the NFL is overrated, and enjoys playing with his cat and dog. Andrew’s favorite fantasy sport – by far – is baseball, although basketball and hockey are in a close tie for second.


Albert Lang – Senior Writer

Albert has been playing and arguing about baseball and fantasy sports since 2002. Since 1982, he has also been largely miserable (here’s looking at you Armando Benitez) because of the Orioles and Eagles. Albert has won leagues and lost leagues, but he has the most fun debating player values. Albert typically plays in several baseball and football leagues a year. He also is an avid baseball card collector and writes about older players and their historical value relative to the Hall of Fame and their peers/current players. When not harassing league mates with trades and analyzing what categories his team performs poorly in, Albert is a communications professional in Washington, D.C. He has an awesome puppy named Charlotte. You can find more of Albert’s work at Follow Albert on Twitter @AlbertLeRoi
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Scott Barzilla – Senior Writer

Scott Barzilla is editor in chief at and the author of four books including The Hall of Fame Index. You can find his books on and He is an adjunct professor in psychology and proud father of one. He is also willing to counsel any fellow Astros fan for a nominal fee.

Ilyn Yeh – Fantasy Sports Contributor

I’m from San Ramon, California which is 30 miles east of San Francisco. I received a B.S. in BioEngineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 2003. Since then I’ve been working 9-5 as a computer programmer. I admit to being a bandwagon fan, as my earliest sports memories were from 1986(I was five) when the New York Giants, and New York Mets took home the championships. I’ve been a lifelong fan ever since. My greatest sports memory is being an 8th grader, and rushing the court of the Oakland Coliseum after Jason Kidd led the Golden Bears to an upset over #1 ranked UCLA.Follow me on Twitter @ilyn

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