Fantasy Surfer: Jeffreys Bay Recap

After the J Bay contest, I am in 659th place out of 15,164 active players. My line up for the contest changed a bit from my initial line up and unfortunately most of my team under performed. My team for the contest was Jordy Smith, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Taylor Knox, Andy Irons, Nate Yeomans, Timmy Reyes and Dale Staples. Going into the contest, I thought this line up would do excellent. However, the over scoring of local  Sean Holmes, knocked Slater and Irons out and ruined my chance of a high placing. Below is the breakdown of how my team performed.

Jordy Smith – 1st place – he has arrived – old school power and new school moves for the “new” judging criteria – watch out Slater and bye bye Fanning and Parko.


Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning – 9th – lousy – world champs don’t lose to a backsider at J Bay! Hobgood is no Occy.

Andy Irons – 9th – respectable – but taken out by over scored wildcard Sean Holmes- I have been harsh on AI, but he seems to be sobering up and his surfing shows -hope he keeps going!

Kelly Slater – 17th – beaten by an over scored local wildcard Sean Holmes – but if he is only putting up 13 points in a heat, he deserves to lose. 9 time champs do not lose to a wildcard!


Kelly Slater

Nate Yeomans -17th – not bad, but will he make the cut or will he be sent back to the minors? Adios Nate!

Taylor Knox – a 33rd on a wave designed for you? This makes no sense. Is the end here for the old man of the tour? I hope not, but it looks that way.

Timmy Reyes – wildcard – only wins one heat – seems that the Edison High School Charger has never recovered from the knee injury

Dale Staples – local wildcard – loses first two heats

Next up on August 23rd is the Teahupoo,Tahiti contest and it if it HUGE, Smith and the young guys on tour will have to prove that they have the brass to surf one of the most dangerous  waves on the planet. 

Stay tuned for my prediction for the Billabong Pro Tahiti.

Patrick Reilly is not a grom. He is actually the Fantasy Surfer Editor @TheFantasyFix.com. 
Email – Patrick@thefantasyfix.com

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