Must or Bust: Waiver Wire Gems? Dickey, Quentin, Jackson, & More

A quick look at last week's Fantasy Baseball top performing and least owned players on the waiver wire. Edwin Jackson's insane no-hitter. R.A. Dickey's 6th straight. Carlos Quentin's four dingers. Brandon Morrow & Jhoulys Chacin are strikeout machines. Is Jamie Moyer really father time in disguise? Can they really keep it up for another week? Check out who's a Must or a Bust.


Carlos Quentin – 57% of Y! Leagues
6 R / 4 HR / 11 RBI /.389 BA
Big Q is finally showing some of that swing from 2008. The average is still way low (.229) but at least he’s raised it 22 points in the last month. In the last ten games he has hit .394, 4 homers, and 13 RBI’s while posting a .487 OBP, and a .879 slugging giving him a 1.366 OPS! Way too low of an ownership for someone with that much potential. Even Aramis who is having ten-times worse a season, is owned at 67%.

Will Venable – 8% of Y! Leagues
4 R / 3 HR / 8 RBI / 1 SB / .286 BA
What a week for Venable. Not only has he homered every other game in the past eight but they were at key moments. Low average and high strikeout percentage makes Venable a tough pickup but for deeper NL leagues he isn't  bad, plus he's sure to be on the wire. Don't expect this streak for much longer though, especially going against Jimenez tonight.

Coco Crisp – 33% of Y! Leagues
7 R / 1 HR / 3 RBI / 1 SB / .368 BA
Coco has never played more than 145 games in his career and this year is no different missing almost practically the whole season so far. Since coming back for the past five games, he’s hit in four of five with two multi-hit games and six runs. The good news is that Crisp has the center-field job locked down and whatever little offense the A’s have, Coco will be in the middle of it. Great pickup for runs and stolen bases.

Ike Davis – 17% of Y! Leagues
4 R / 1 HR / 7 RBI / .333 BA
It’s amazing how much hype is around these rookies when they get the call-up and if they don’t perform in the first week or two owners forget about them. Davis has been a big factor in the Mets recent success and already has 9 homers. He isn’t even playing to his full potential yet so as the season progresses, he should shoot from someone only owned in 17% of leagues to possibly 50%. If first-base wasn’t so heavy with talented hitters, Ike could be considered as a quality late-round keeper. Oh yeah, he’s hit five home runs ranging from 434 to 450 so far too… booya!

Gaby Sanchez – 17% of Y! Leagues
4 R / 1 HR / 4 RBI / .417 BA
Sanchez is doing one hell of a job holding off rookie prospect Logan Morrison. Solid numbers all around from runs to RBIs to average. He should be able to hold off Logan for a while longer and possibly the year if he keeps playing like this. In the last 11 games, Gaby has nine multi-hitters.

Clint Barmes – 16% of Y! Leagues
4 R / 1 HR / 3 RBI / 1 SB / .381 BA
Great week but nothing super special here. A possible last resort pickup replacement for Dustin Pedroia (see here  Filling The Void: Dustin Pedroia)


Jamie Moyer – 15% of Y! Leagues
15 IP / 2 W / 12 K / 1.80 ERA / 0.60 WHIP
You certainly will not get better performances from a 47 year-old. Hell you can’t even find another 47 year-old pitching in the Bigs. I’m sure Moyer would love to follow the footsteps of Satchel Paige and pitch into his 60’s but something tells me that he only has another year at best left. Minus Moyer’s complete meltdown against Boston (1 IP, 9 ER), his numbers last month have been very impressive with a sub 1.00 WHIP and four wins.

Trevor Cahill – 37% of Y! Leagues
7.2 IP / 1 W / 10 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.65 WHIP
The A’s have been a source of solid pitcher development for a long time now and they seem to have another ace on their hands. In his sophomore year, Cahill has been lights out with eight out of twelve quality starts. He’s yet to give up more than four runs in ’10 and hit a benchmark in strikeouts with ten against Pittsburgh (yeah its Pitt but still). Absolute pickup if he’s not taken already.

Chris Narveson – 2% of Y! Leagues
13 IP / 2 W / 10 K / 2.08 ERA / 0.92 WHIP
Since being converted to a starter, Narveson has had a few ups-and-downs, but pitched his best performance this week against Seattle and shut them down for only four hits in eight innings. Not convinced yet, but he has had four games of seven or more strikeouts, so he is certainly one to watch.

Brandon Morrow – 27% of Y! Leagues
8 IP / 1 W / 8 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.75 WHIP
Morrow had a rough start to the season but the bad losses seem to be a thing of the past. His last game against St. Louis showed how good he can be, going eight innings, zero runs and eight strikeouts. In the last five games Morrow has a 1.32 ERA, .094 WHIP and 27 strikeouts. Like Cahill, Morrow is turning out to be a solid pickup.

J.J. Putz – 8% of Y! Leagues
3 IP / 2 W / 1 SV/ 1 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.00 WHIP
One thing is for sure J.J. certainly hasn’t been pitching like a putz! In the past 16 appearances he hasn’t given up a single run and amassed an amazing 4 wins with a save too! Putz has turned into one of the best options for middle relief out there and if Jenks goes down, I think we know who they are handing the ball over to.

Luke Gregerson – 26% of Y! Leagues
3 IP / 1 W / 1 SV/ 3 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.33 WHIP
What a year this set-up man is having! A 1.60 ERA and 51Ks in only 39.1 innings puts him with the best. On top of that he has a crazy low WHIP (0.51) and batters are only hitting .121 against him. Great guy to have on your team to lower a few categories plus get the occasional win.

Edwin Jackson – 59% of Y! Leagues
9 IP / 1 W / 6 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.89 WHIP
The talk of the week, Jackson pitched the leagues fourth no-hitter this year, albeit a strange one with eight walks.  Since getting hammered against Colorado and Chicago (18 total earned runs) at the end of April, Jackson has turned it around with a 3.46 ERA, 68 Ks & 1.29 WHIP in 70.2 innings. Although owned much higher, it's still worth taking a peak to see if he's out there. Just keep a close eye since he did throw 149 pitches for the no-hitter.

Jhoulys Chacin – 11% of Y! Leagues
12.2 IP / 1 W / 17 K / 1.42 ERA / 1.34 WHIP
After a monster start to his career and then falling out of the light, its time to put Jhoulys back on the radar. One thing we know is Chacin can strike batters out! 12 Ks against the Angels wasn’t enough for the win because of three unearned runs but a magnificent game nonetheless. If Jhuoulys can turn some of the losses into wins for the second half, we will have a fantasy stud on our hands!

R.A. Dickey – 31% of Y! Leagues
8 IP / 1 W / 4 K / 0.00 ERA / 0.75 WHIP
The unusual Mets staff has been light outs this year with Dickey, Niese and Pelfrey. Dickey has six straight wins and a sick 2.33 ERA. No signs of the Mets slowing down anytime soon.

Who is the best waiver wire pickup this week? Who do you think is just getting started?
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