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2014 Fantasy Baseball Daily Fix: April 9th, 2014


It’s another day and another daily fix on the docket. One of the great things about daily fantasy baseball is that it allows you to tinker with your strategy from day to day. That’s also the best reason to come here to the Fantasy Fix for your daily fix. With seven different authors you get seven different strategies to choose from. I have to say the strategy worked pretty well last week as my team finished within the top twenty percent of the entrants.


Early in the season, it’s hard to go with the hot hand because sample sizes are so small. So, we go on past track records and try to exploit weak pitchers and weak hitters as much as we possibly can. It should be noted that Draft Street gives you the opportunity to go with a relief pitcher as your third pitcher. While that can help save you some money for position players, pitchers give you the best chance to win because they can score you the most points. So, I flood the roster with starting pitchers and save on the rest.

As usual, I will be playing a two dollar double up today and I will give you a couple of different tables of players. The first table represents the lineup I will actually be using and the second table will give you some reasonable alternatives. The reasonable alternatives are not necessarily all salary cap friendly though, so use those at your own risk.

Player Salary Opposing SP
Dioner Navarro 5708 Lucas Harrell I’d start the entire Blue Jays lineup if I could. Any pitcher is   capable of pitching well, but Harrell sucks.
1B  Anthony Rizzo 5153 Wandy Rodriguez This is what we call hedging our bet. On double up bets it pays to do that every now and then.
2B  Daniel Murphy 5361 Ervin Santana Santana is making his season debut, so it could get ugly. Or not.
3B  Brett Lawrie 5575 Lucas Harrell Harrell had a 6.33 FRA last season. In case you’re wondering, that’s   really bad.
SS  Jonathan Villar 4643 Brandon Morrow He stole his third base last night, so he is capable of beating you   in many ways.
OF  Starling Marte 5739 Jason Hammel Hammel has a tendency to look ordinary and Marte is fairly affordable   at this point.
OF  Colby Rasmus 5284 Lucas Harrell Rasmus is off to a slow start, but I’m really smelling blood in the   water here.
OF  Alfonso Soriano 5165 Miguel Gonzalez Soriano is off to a slow start, but you can’t keep a guy like this   down forever.
Buster Posey 6788 Bronson Arroyo A price like this for a player like this is way too good to pass up.
SP  Masahiro Tanaka 17456 Baltimore Orioles He had a good start in his debut and the Orioles are struggling as a   team.
SP  Wandy Rodriguez 15429 Chicago Cubs He had a quality start his first time out and seems poised to have a   comeback season.
Brandon Morrow 17668 Houston Astros He’s facing the Astros. Enough said.


It may seem like I’m picking on the Astros, but I’m allowed to. After all, they are my hometown team, so I’ve seen the suck first hand. When you see pitchers that are struggling, you have to learn to pick on them. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, here are some other options at those positions.

Player Salary Opposing SP
Jason Castro  5181  Brandon Morrow Morrow hasn’t been a big time pitcher in several years.
1B  Casey McGehee 5765 Jordan Zimmermann He’s gotten off to a fast start.
2B  Scooter Gennett 4890 Roberto Hernandez Roberto Hernandez is a fifth starter for a reason.
3B  Kyle Seager 5514 Garrett Richards Richards is not exactly Cy Young material.
SS  Derek Jeter 5330 Miguel Gonzalez The venerable one looks to be healthy.
OF  Curtis Granderson 5658 Ervin Santana Again, players making their first starts can be shaky.
OF  Khris Davis 5788 Roberto Hernandez Maybe he pulls a Ryan Braun today. Just a third of that performance   would be okay.
SP  Zack Wheeler 14245 Atlanta Braves He seems fairly affordable for the pedigree he comes in with.
SP  Garrett Richards 12642 Seattle Mariners The Mariners have been struggling as a team offensively.


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