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2017 Fantasy Baseball: Seattle Mariners Acquire Yonder Alonso

The Mariners made the first significant trade of the post-deadline season when they acquired all-star first baseman Yonder Alonso for minor league outfielder Boog Powell. For many fantasy fans, they assumed the trading season was over, but occasionally a blockbuster will go down and we will be here to cover it. Before we go into the trade, let’s go over a tutorial of how waiver trades work.

The Waiver Trade Process

The technical term for this process is called revocable waivers. The league limits the number of players a team can float through waivers at any one time. The process usually goes in four waves and we are through the second wave. Obviously, there is a strategy to it as teams float their entire roster eventually, but when you send certain players through makes a big difference.

Players are on waivers for 47 hours. If they go through without anyone claiming them then they are eligible to be traded as they were before. If a team claims them then the team has a number of choices. They can pull the player back until the offseason. They can give the claiming team an exclusive negotiating period of 48 hours to make a deal. If they are unable to make a deal they can either pull the player back or allow the claiming team to take him. They can also bypass that process and simply allow the claiming team to take the player and his process.

Why the Mariners make this move

Danny Valencia has been a decent player, but he struggles against right-handed pitching. Alonso mashes right handed pitching, so they have a natural platoon on their hands. Valencia can play third base and right field in addition to first base, so when a right handed pitcher is on the bump, he can play in one of those spots if need be.

Alonso has 22 home runs on the season. He gives the Mariners another power bat to go along with Nelson Cruz, Robinson Cano, and Kyle Seager. The Mariners have some better secondary bats like Valencia, Ben Gamel, and Mike Zunino. They have a good table setter in Jean Segura. Adding Alonso makes their lineup that much deeper. Unfortunately, Alonso is a free agent, but Jerry Dipoto has already made noise about offering him a contract after the season.

Why the Athletics make this move

They obviously did not feel they would be able to sign Alonso long-term. Powell is not a bad prospect and they are in sell mode after dealing the back end of their bullpen and Sonny Gray. Powell might or might not stick as a regular outfielder, but he does give them another young option down the line when other veterans get to be too expensive.

What this deal means for you

Alonso owners should be happy that he is moving to a contender. He may not get to play every day, but limiting his exposure to left handed pitching should help his rate statistics. The ballpark is slightly better for him and the improvement in the lineup around him should give him more run producing opportunities when he does play.

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