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National League East Preview, In Haiku

What follows, is in fact a display of the author’s prodigious poetic abilities, or lack thereof.

National League East preview, in Haiku:


Rotation is stacked,
Deep bullpen and Bryce Harper,
Best team in baseball?




No more Chipper, but
Bullpen, Uptons, Heyward, swell!
Hunt for October.


Aces on the mound,
Position players aging,
Longshot Wild Card.


Mets are down Dickey,
Hot corner is extended,
Playoffs? Unlikely.


Giancarlo Stanton
Will be hitting moonshots into
Lots of empty seats!

Do you have a Haiku for the NL East? Leave it in the comments below…

Check back tomorrow for the NL Central Preview in Haiku!

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