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Stars on the Shelf: TheFantasyFix.com’s week 5 DL Report

As an athlete, you always need to stay in peak form to keep getting the results you need. Products like energy renew reviews highly with the sporting crowd because of the vitamin content which helps to minimize muscle and mental fatigue. There are plenty more steps athletes take to prevent injury and burnout. This means things like stretching properly before games to make sure nothing tears, taking a supplement like rice protein to ensure muscle recovery, and not getting into dangerous situations in a game.

However, there are unfortunate occasions where athletes are hurt because that’s just a risk they take every time they step out of the dugout. Here is your fantasy baseball week 5 update on notable injured players. The big one this week is Giancarlo Stanton, out for at least a month with a grade 2 strain in his right hamstring. This will be a weekly posted list so you can stay ahead of the game when it comes to information about injuries across baseball that at one point or another affect all fantasy rosters. Here you will find an update on a player’s progress as well as my spin on their expected return dates and fantasy impact upon return. The players are listed by their expected return date.

Michael Bourn 5/8/2013 Bourn represents the dumbest injury on the list as he just had stitches removed after slicing his finger open sliding head first into first base, which is what five year olds are taught not to do back in T-ball. The cut has yet to heal so he can’t return as expected this week.
Johnny Cueto 5/10/2013 Cueto is on his way to pitch in a rehab assignment and should rejoin the Reds soon after that so I’m sticking with my May 10 return date.
Francisco Liriano 5/11/2013 Liriano represents our freak injury on the list, as he fractured his arm playing with his kids. It seems like he is having no issues as he is putting up video game type numbers in his rehab starts. He is on his way back to pitch against the Mets on May 11, but I just don’t trust this guy. I can totally see him coming back with all of those flashy rehab numbers and getting torched by falling behind in counts trying to be too fine.
Curtis Granderson 5/15/2013 Granderson is recovering from a fractured forearm and is estimated to return to the Yankees in mid-May. He is already at full speed in terms of hitting, taking at bats in extended spring training games, so mid-May still seems right on target.
Jered Weaver 5/15/2013 Weaver fractured his non-pitching arm falling down while dodging a come-backer. Someone get this dude a glass of milk. He is currently doing long toss on a daily basis, feeling no pain in his non-pitching arm anymore. Combine that with his stubborn attitude and I don’t see why mid-May isn’t an attainable target to reach for a return.
Coco Crisp 5/15/2013 Crisp strained his left hamstring but it doesn’t sound like its Stanton-esque. Although he is no spring chicken anymore, he still should be back in a couple weeks. Have you noticed he has 5 homers already? What’s that about?
Brett Anderson 5/15/2013 Anderson sprained his ankle, was thought of as day-to-day, then the A’s used him in emergency relief and he injured it further. If a team these days used a guy knowing he was already hurt, it can’t be a bad sprain so I am saying 15 day DL and he’ll be good to go.
Kevin Youkilis 5/17/2013 The Greek God of Injuries is back in familiar territory. Youkilis has a bulging disc in his back, and although he claims an epidural shot and a quick 15 day vacation on the DL will take care of it, you never know with this guy. I’ll take him at his word for now. He was dropped hard in Yahoo leagues (-17%) so if you are hurting bad for 3B help and have a DL spot open, scoop him up if he’s out there, but don’t waste a high waiver on him.
Josh Johnson 5/20/2013 Johnson was placed on the DL with an injured tricep. They were going to let him make his next start but considering how awful he has been this year, its a no brainer. Their hope is its just a simple 15 day stint, but Johnson is no stranger to injuries.
Matt Garza 5/25/2013 Garza is on the DL with a strained lat muscle. The Cubs are going to try and trade him, so they want him out there, but out there showing value. My best guess is late May, early June, in hopes they can get a month out of him to showcase for a mid-season trade to a contender. He finally appeared in a rehab start with no issues and decent results. He didn’t have much of a pitch count so he will probably take two more rehab starts to get up to a full workload and be back before Memorial Day.
Cameron Maybin 5/25/2013 Maybin hurt is wrist in February, and was put on the DL because he has felt recurring pain. The fact that this has gone on for over two months isn’t great news. Wrist injuries are tricky to estimate healing and return, it could be a 15 day thing or it could be something that affects him all year. I have to give the benefit of the doubt and say end of the month for now but keep your eye out.
Corey Hart 5/30/2013 Hart is recovering from surgery to repair the torn meniscus in his knee. He is at the point where he is strengthening the muscles in his legs. He should rejoin his team once his 60-Day DL stint expires at the end of May.
Mark Teixeira 5/31/2013 Teixeira is making progress in his comeback from the wrist injury he developed during warm ups for the WBC. He has finally taken some batting practice and he personally sounds the most optimistic out of anyone about his return (although remember he thought May 1 was a likelihood a few weeks ago). I think barring any pain reoccuring he can be back by around Memorial Day.
Colby Lewis 5/31/2013 Lewis is recovering from Tommy John Surgery, and has finally reached “game speed” in terms of pitching to live batters for an inning. he will need to obviously build on that and get up to throwing at least 90 pitches in an outing before the Rangers bring him back, but everything sounds good for Lewis coming back at the end of the month.
Adam Eaton 6/1/2013 Eaton is rehabbing from his sprained UCL. Arizona appears to be practicing patience in his rehab and bringing him back so although many had him back mid-May, my guess of early June appears closer to reality. The delay seems to be his ability to throw and play the field being that his injury was arm related. So it looks like the Snakes wont bring him back until he can do everything, which makes sense being they are an NL team with no DH (most of the time).
Jason Heyward 6/1/2013 Heyward had his appendix removed and is rest and recovery mode. It doesn’t sound like he’ll be back soon, so maybe early June is realistic.
Aaron Hill 6/7/2013 Hill’s left hand was fractured after being drilled by a pitch. He is out 4-6 weeks, and I always bank on the latter. After recovery and a rehab assignment, some expect a return at the end of May, but I have him back June 7th when the Dbacks return home to host the Giants.
Zack Greinke 6/15/2013 Greinke is throwing long toss on a regular basis and apparently he feels good. Greinke represents the most unnecessary injury on the list, as he is out until mid-June with a broken clavicle thanks to Carlos Quentin. This time table is solid being that it’s not an arm or even muscle injury. He’ll be back to make a few starts before the All-Star break, perhaps pitching with football shoulder pads from here on out, especially against San Diego.
Brandon Beachy 6/15/2013 Beachy is another pitcher recovering from Tommy John Surgery. All appears to be going well for Beachy in his recovery. Julio Teheren hasn’t done well in his place so the Braves can’t wait to get their ace back. Beachy was shown throwing off a mound to catcher Brian McCann which certainly excites Beachy owners. He may begin a rehab assignment very soon and actually return before the All-Star break, possibly mid-June. Good news here.
Giancarlo Stanton 6/15/2013 the limitless power swinging Stanton hit a two foot dribbler against the Mets and pulled his hamstring trying to beat it out. He has a grade 2 strain and estimated recover, rehab and return is a month. For a 23 year old, Stanton is building quite the injury resume early in his career. Keeping that in mind I am taking the back end of the return scale so I’m saying mid-June as a blend of optimism and reality.
Daniel Hudson 7/1/2013 Hudson who is recovering from Tommy John Surgery is ramping up his extended spring training schedule and apparently is approaching the point where he is doing a normal five day rotation of pitching. He could be back before the All-Star break.
Ryan Ludwick 7/5/2013 Ludwick is on the 60-Day DL recovering from a torn labrum in his shoulder. The late round thumper should be back around the All-Star break, he may be available on your FA list if you are hurting for a UTIL/OF power spot upon his return.
Alex Rodriguez 7/17/2013 Rodriguez is rehabbing from his hip surgery and claims he is feeling good and getting stronger. Since the offseason he has been slated to return around the All-Star Break. Keeping the Yankees conservative approach to treating injuries, he’ll be back after the break, so I’m saying July 17th the earliest.
Cory Luebke 7/17/2013 The Padres ace is recovering nicely from Tommy John Surgery last year and should rejoin the Padres barring any set-backs after the All-Star Break. If you were wise to draft or pick up and stash him, he will help you for your late season run to the playoffs.
Jose Reyes 7/17/2013 Reyes is on the 60-Day DL, currently shut down trying to heal from what was called a “severe” ankle sprain after he awkwardly slid too close into second base. You’ll see him after the All-Star break unless he has a miraculous recovery, which isn’t exactly his track record.
Michael Pineda 7/17/2013 Pineda is rehabbing from his shoulder surgery and is apparently already throwing all of his pitches from a mound which is obviously a great sign. The Yankees are severely conservative with how they rehab their players so mid-season at best for Pineda to return, and there’s no guarantee he is getting thrown right into the rotation unless there is a clear need.
Derek Jeter 8/1/2013 After coming off surgery to repair a broken ankle, Jeter aimed to return for opening day. He experienced a set-back after playing back to back games, and it was ultimately realized in an MRI that he had a new crack in the same ankle. He is out until at least after the All-Star Break, realistically August., and even then it’s unclear whether he can play full time out of the gate.
Chad Billingsley NEXT SEASON Billingsley’s injury history is as long as a Mother of eight’s grocery store receipt. He is easily one of the most frustrating pitchers to own. Billingsley feeling pain in his elbow should be alarming if it was the first instance, but it’s not. This dates back to last season where he chose to rehab instead of having Tommy John Surgery, which appears he is likely going to end up having anyway. My guess is he is gone for the year.
Jason Motte UNKNOWN Motte has been throwing every few days from mound length distances and claims he feels good on days following throwing. He is dealing with what is at this time being called a mild-strain in his elbow. The Cardinals aren’t in love with their closing situation this season even though it looks like Mujica has settled in finally. The Cardinals apparently really want Jason back so much so that they extended his “do or die” deadline of May 1 due to his recent report of feeling good throwing several times. The odds still rest with season ending Tommy John Surgery, but its still unclear. If you have an open DL slot, you can’t drop him yet.
Ryan Madson UNKNOWN Madson’s rehab was slowed down when he felt soreness in his right elbow again and there has been no news of him throwing since, I can’t find anything. If he was ok and able to go he certainly would, especially since Ernesto Frieri has been stumbling a bit of late, and the Angels as a team are simply playing terrible baseball. This doesn’t sound good to me. Hopefully I can find more info over the weekend.
Matt Harrison UNKNOWN – OUT INDEFINITELY Harrison is falling apart at the seams. He had back surgery recently to correct a herniated disc and apparently it didn’t take and is now going in for an additional surgery. They are saying three months, but his season could very well be finished. Back injuries are tough on players as it is, and even worse for pitchers.
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