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Where There’s a Wil There’s a Ray: Wil Myers Impending Arrival

– Wil Myers: OF – Photo by: Minda Haas

Tampa Bay Rays fans are impatiently awaiting the arrival of their team’s top prospect Wil Myers’ to the big club.  The Rays acquired Myers from the Royals in a trade last December, a trade that sent James Shields and Wade Davis to Kansas City.  Big game James was a fan favorite in Tampa and I am sure how well he is pitching for KC only adds to Rays fans’ impatience and frustration as they wonder when their return in that trade will finally emerge.  That time is coming soon.

When the Super Two deadline passes, the Rays will safely bring Wil Myers up ensuring they have full term team control over him, prolonging his eligibility for free agency.  There are a lot of expectations for Myers, which reminds me a lot of 2008 when the Rays brought up a 22 year old third baseman, and second overall prospect in baseball, Evan Longoria.  Longoria burst onto the scene and went on to hit 27 home runs with 85 RBI to win the American League Rookie of the Year Award.  He also helped the Rays win the American League Championship and get to the World Series.

These memories stand out in the minds of all Rays fans, and they cannot be blamed for applying what some would call an exorbitant level of hope for a similar impact from Wil Myers this year.  But that’s what being a sports fan is all about isn’t it?  Holding on to that hope, and shooting for the stars? If an organization can be pardoned for having such enthusiasm and hope for a player’s impact on a team, and a league, this would be the situation.

Wil Myers is an extremely gifted and talented baseball player.  His potential has no ceiling and he can certainly become the next big star to play along-side Longoria and help the Rays contend for division titles for years to come.  Here is what the 22 year old has done so far in his short career in the minors.


























Myers brings a power bat combined with a high on-base percentage.  His on-base percentage actually increased at the higher level which shows better pitching doesn’t disrupt his pitch selection.  Yes, Myers will strikeout a lot, but that goes with most sluggers these days.  He has really been heating up of late as he has smacked 6 home runs with 21 RBI in his last 10 games.

Myers will make an immediate impact with the Rays much like Longoria did.  The similarities between the two are similar in that both would have been called up at age 22.  Longoria was baseball’s second overall prospect, and Myers is the fourth.  The Rays have the best track record in baseball when it comes to how they handle young talent, and they have to.  As a small market team they need to stay ahead of the game when it comes to drafting and properly developing young talent in order to continue to be competitive.  They have the perfect manager to implement this in Joe Maddon, and this is why I have full confidence in how Myers will adjust and perform.  There is no way to predict nor expect that we will see another 2008 run like we did when Longoria took the league by storm, but Rays fans should be excited for what’s to come.

FANTASY NOTES: As of June 5th, Myers is owned in 28% of Yahoo! Leagues, and the number increases daily, so if you can afford to stash him until his call-up I would recommend you do it now, especially in leagues of 12+ teams.

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