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2014-15 Fantasy Basketball Daily Fix, December 6th


This article is a collaboration between Joshua Lewis and Joshua Kay , the NBA Daily Fantasy experts for the Fantasy Fix.

Here at the Fix, we are dedicated to providing the most in depth coverage that you can find on the internet when it comes to Daily Fantasy Sports. Our  format, which you can view here provides our readers with relevant stats for each game, featuring a full breakdown of who we like from each team as well as how we expect that game to go. We culminate it with a summary of which players we like in certain game modes, so that there is no confusion in translation. For just $1, you will get access to this article for a full day, including all of our important injury updates ( since NBA features so much time sensitive information that can change everything about a slate that we previously knew before). You can view our recommended NBA Beat Reporter Follow List here:

Game Breakdowns:

Philadelphia 76ers @ Detroit Pistons – Start Time 7:30 PM

Notable stats

  • Philadelphia is 3rd in pace ( 99.95 )
  • Philadelphia is 29th in total rebounding rate ( 47.1 )
  • Detroit has the lowest field goal percentage at the rim, while also attempting the 4th most shots
  • Philadelphia has the 2nd lowest field goal percentage at the rim, while also attempting the 2nd most shots
  • Philadelphia leads the league in turnovers per 100 possession
  • Philadelphia is last in offensive efficiency ( 91.2 )
  • Detroit is 29th in offensive efficiency ( 96.5 )

SPIN ( PHI ): The purpose of listing so many statistics is to illustrate just how truly awful these two teams are in terms of scoring.  They are both extremely bad at putting basketballs through hoops.  However, despite the offensive woes, Philly does have some players we can target.  Tony Wroten ( $5,800 ) is currently listed as questionable.  If he plays, he’s a recommended play in both cash games and GPPs.  His upside is capped playing alongside Michael Carter-Williams ( $8,500 ), but his low price.  MCW’s usage would take a hit if Wroten returns, but it’s still very high, and he will continue to dish out assists, and collect rebounds.  He’s a recommended cash game and GPP play regardless of Wroten’s status, though he has more upside if Wroten sits out again.  KJ McDaniels ( $5,700 ) has been a fine option in Tony Wroten’s absense, and it’s likely his strong play as earned him a 30+ minute role even if Wroten returns.  He can also be targeted in all game types tonight.  Robert Covington ( $3,700 ) is worth mentioning as well.  He’s played 31 and 28 minutes over the last two games, averaging about a fantasy point per minute over those 59 minutes.  Assuming Wroten is out, he’s a solid GPP target, but we would avoid in cash games unless you really need the cap relief.

SPIN ( DET ):  Detroit is almost as bad as Philadelphia on the offensive end, and they compound their problems by playing at a slow pace.  The Sixers will force them to play faster than they normally do, which should provide a boost for their players.  Unfortunately, pricing makes it tough to recommend many of these players.  Brandon Jennings ( $7,900 ) should not be this expensive, and even in a plus matchup with the Sixers, he’s not a recommended option.  To make matters worse, he’s 2 for his last 21 field goal attempts, and we’re starting to see bad Brandon Jennings come back.  Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ( $4,900 ) isn’t a bad value play as it’s reasonable to expect that he should meet his value threshold in this matchup.  He’s consistently playing heavy minutes due to Detroit’s utter lack of wing depth and shooters.  He’s safe to use in cash games tonight, and isn’t a bad play in GPPs due to his 30 point upside.  We wouldn’t build GPP lineups around him, but he can help fill out a roster if needed.  Josh Smith ( $8,000 ) is no longer at a no-brainer price, but he excels in up tempo matchups, and is thriving as the starting power forward.  Nerlens Noel may give him some problems tonight, but given Smith’s ability to contribute in every category, he’s a high floor, high ceiling player that be targeted in all game types.  Finally, Andre Drummond ( $8,700 ) is an excellent GPP play tonight.  His propensity to get into foul trouble, plus an  inflated price tag ( he costs more than MCW! ), make him a fade in cash games, but his legitimate 60 point upside make him a player you’ll need to have exposure to in GPPs.


All Games – Michael Carter-Williams – PG, KJ McDaniels – SF, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – SG, Josh Smith – SF

GPP Only – Robert Covington – PF, Andre Drummond – C

Golden State Warriors @ Chicago Bulls – Start Time 8:00 PM

Notable stats

  • Golden State is 1st in defensive efficiency ( 94.7 )
  • Golden State is 1st in pace ( 100.48 )
  • Golden State is 6th in total rebounding rate ( 51.2 )
  • Chicago is 10th in offensive efficiency ( 105.2 )
  • Golden State allows the most field goal attempts in the paint

SPIN ( GS ):  This game isn’t terribly exciting from a DFS standpoint.  While Golden State is good at just about everything imaginable, they’re playing a Chicago team that plays some very good defense themselves.  Stephen Curry ( $10,300 ) is always a GPP target due to his elite upside, but this probably isn’t the best scenario to target him in cash games.  Curry posts a lot of games in the mid 30s to mid 40s in terms of DK points, and that’s just not a sensible investment given his price.  The expectation is he will settle into to around that range again tonight, which makes him a poor investment.  Harrison Barnes ( $5,300 ) will draw Mike Dunleavy defensively, which is a great matchup for him.  Dunleavy is a poor defender, while Barnes has been very consistent in terms of fantasy production.  He’s very safe to target tonight. Draymond Green ( $5,900 ) is still cheap relative to his average production, and he’s a recommended target in cash games and GPPs.  He’s not a must play by any means, but he has a safe floor and upside if he happens to get a few more looks on offense.  Klay Thompson ( $7,300 ) will likely have Jimmy Butler on him most of the game, and given Chicago’s #1 ranking against opposing shooting guards, he can only be recommended in GPPs.

SPIN ( CHI ):  This is a bad spot for Chicago.  We also have some injury news to worry about here, as both Joakim Noah ( $6,900 ) and Taj Gibson ( $5,500 ) are listed as questionable.  While it’s likely they both suit up for a matchup with Golden State, we still need to discuss the ramifications of them sitting.  If both sit, Nikola Mirotic ( $5,300 ) becomes a fantastic play.  He’ll play heavy minutes and has shown the ability to score fantasy points in a hurry.  If Taj sits, we’ll see the same minutes distribution we’ve seen over the past few games.  If Noah sits and Taj plays, Taj will move into the starting lineup and become a very solid play at his price.  We will provide updates throughout the day as we learn more, and give recommendations based on what we know.

Despite the quick pace of Golden State, they’re the #1 ranked defense in the league, while also rebounding the basketball very well.  Pau Gasol ( $8,600 ) is the most interesting play from the Bulls.  He has a 5 inch height advantage over Draymond Green, and should be able to find plenty of success given that mismatch.  He’s been one of the most consistent players in the NBA this season, and he should end up being the top play from Chicago.  He’s a recommended target in both cash games and GPPs.  Joakim Noah ( $6,900 ) has the upside to help you win a GPP, but he’s too inconsistent to be used in cash games.  He also draws a difficult matchup with Andrew Bogut.  Jimmy Butler ( $7,200 ) continues to be underpriced relative to his average production, and can be safely targeted tonight, but with the realization that his upside is capped in this matchup.  He’s not a must play, but he’s likely safe for cash game use.


All Games – Harrison Barnes – SF, Draymond Green – SF, Paul Gasol – PF, Jimmy Butler – SG

GPP Only – Stephen Curry – PG, Klay Thompson – SG, Joakim Noah – C

Phoenix Suns @ Houston Rockets – Start Time 8:00 PM

Notable stats

  • Phoenix is 5th in pace ( 99.11 )
  • Houston is 9th in pace ( 96.39 )
  • Phoenix is 28th in assist percentage ( 53.0 )
  • Phoenix allows the 7th most field goal attempts at the rim, while also allowing the 4th highest field goal percentage
  • Phoenix allows the 4th most 3 pointers in the league
  • Houston attempts the most 3 pointers in the league

SPIN ( PHX ):  Isaiah Thomas is listed as questionable, but the reports don’t sound very promising.  Our expectation is that he will be out again tonight, locking both Goran Dragic ( $7,500 ) and Eric Bledsoe ( $8,000 ) into heavy minutes.  Dragic has been on fire, posting two straight games of well over 50 points on DK.  Beverley will likely miss tonight’s game, making Dragic safe to deploy in all game formats.  Eric Bledsoe ( $8,000 ) is a GPP-only target.  He has huge upside, but his performances are inconsistent and he draws Houston’s 7th ranked shooting guard defense.  Markieff Morris ( $7,200 ) is in the same boat.  He has GPP-winning upside, but he’s too inconsistent for cash game use.  Other Suns can safely be ignored.  Our recommendation is to mix up exposure to Suns players in GPP lineups, as one, but likely not all, looks to be in line for a big game.

SPIN ( HOU ):  Dwight Howard is out again tonight, and Beverley likely will be out again.  With Isaiah Canaan also likely to miss, Houston will again have to turn to Jason Terry ( $5,700 ) at the point.  Terry has done a nice job filling in, but there’s a chance the Rockets may limit him a bit tonight given the heavy minutes he’s been playing.  This is Houston’s 3rd game in 4 nights, and they’re coming off an overtime win in Minnesota last night.  Keep an eye for word that Terry might be limited.  If no information comes out, he should be safe to deploy in both cash games and GPPs.  James Harden ( $11,300 ) is always a good play, but only if you can reasonably afford him.  He should thrive in this matchup, but please do not take unnecessary risks at other positions in your lineup in order to roster him.  Trevor Ariza ( $6,500 ) is a solid cash game option with upside, while Donatas Motiejunas ( $5,200 ) is too inconsistent for cash game use.  His upside puts him on the GPP radar, however.


All Games – Goran Dragic – PG, Jason Terry – SG, James Harden – SG, Trevor Ariza – SF

GPP Only – Eric Bledsoe – SG, Markieff Morris – PF, Donatas Motiejunas – SF

Minnesota Timberwolves @ San Antonio Spurs – Start Time 8:30 PM

Notable stats

  • San Antonio is 3rd in defensive efficiency ( 96.9 )
  • Minnesota is 28th in defensive efficiency ( 110.2 )
  • Minnesota is 5th in pace ( 99.11 )
  • San Antonio is 4th in total rebounding rate ( 52.3 )
  • Minnesota is 26th in total rebounding rate ( 48.6 )

SPIN ( MIN ):  Mo Williams is out tonight, which means Zach LaVine ( $4,600 ) is locked into heavy minutes as the starting point guard.  San Antonio is a bad matchup, but given the heavy minutes and ball-handling responsibilities, he should have no trouble paying off his modest price tag.  He’ll be on the court regardless of the score, so the potential blowout is not a concern here.  Shabazz Muhammad ( $4,000 ) is worth a look in GPPs.  He saw extra run and usage with Mo Williams out last night, and would play garbage time in the event of a blowout.  The other Timberwolves are safe to avoid.  Traveling to San Antonio after an overtime loss is not a good situation.

SPIN ( SA ):  Tony Parker is doubtful tonight, which means he likely will not play.  Cory Joseph ( $3,000 ) will draw the start, and is an absolute must play in all lineups.  Kawhi Leonard ( $7,700 ) has a usage rate of 30.8 with Tony Parker off the court.  Given the Spurs just played last night and Tim Duncan ( $8,400 ) played 36 minutes, this is a good situation for Pop to lessen Duncan’s workload.  He knows the Spurs will have no trouble winning this game, so don’t be surprised if Duncan’s minutes are limited.  He’s safe to avoid across the board tonight.  Leonard should be targeted liberally in all formats tonight given all of this information.  Boris Diaw ( $4,900 ) is a GPP-only target due to his low floor and inconsistent production.  The same applies to Danny Green ( $5,500 ).  


All Games – Zach LaVine – PG, Cory Joseph – PG, Kawhi Leonard – SF

GPP Only – Shabazz Muhammad – SF, Boris Diaw – PF, Danny Green – SG

Orlando Magic @ Sacramento Kings – Start Time 10:00 PM

Notable stats

  • Sacramento is allowing the 3rd highest field goal percentage at the rim
  • Orlando is 25th in offensive efficiency ( 98.6 )

SPIN ( ORL ):  We didn’t get lazy with the stats for Orlando, they’re just middle of the pack in just about everything, and hence the stats aren’t particularly useful.  If Nikola Vucevic is out again, Kyle OQuinn ( $3,600 ) becomes a strong value play.  Even if he’s unable to play nicely and keep his hands to himself, he’s able to produce solid fantasy totals in limited minutes.  However, he should be able to stay out of foul trouble in this matchup.  Ryan Hollins is a much easier defensive assignment than DeMarcus Cousins.  Tobias Harris ( $6,800 ) is underpriced here, and he should be deployed with confidence.  He’s in play regardless of Vucevic’s status, but experiences a significant boost in both usage and rebounding rate with Vucevic off the court.  Victor Oladipo ( $6,300 ) has high upside, but is much too inconsistent for cash game use.

SPIN ( SAC ):  DeMarcus Cousins is out again tonight, so fire up Darren Collison ( $6,500 ) and Rudy Gay ( $7,600 ).  Both see large increases in offensive responsibility with Cousins off the floor, and each are highly recommended targets in both cash games and GPPs tonight.  Other Kings can all be safely ignored.  They don’t do too much and nobody is priced attractively.


All Games – Kyle O’Quinn – C, Tobias Harris – SF, Darren Collison – PG, Rudy Gay – SF

GPP Only – Victor Oladipo – SG

New Orleans Pelicans @ Los Angeles Clippers – Start Time 10:30 PM

Notable stats

  • The Clippers allow the 8th highest opponent field goal percentage at the rim
  • The Pelicans allow the 3rd LOWEST opponent field goal percentage in the paint, and the Clippers allow the 11th LOWEST.
  • The Clippers have the highest field goal percentage at the rim, but attempt the fewest shots from there.

SPIN (NO): Today feels like the day that Tyreke Evans ( $7,100 ) goes bananas. Tyreke is great at getting to the rim and J.J. Redick couldn’t stop a nosebleed. Evans has a massive quickness advantage on Redick, and he also benefits from the fact that the Clippers aren’t great at protecting the rim. Anthony Davis ( $11,600 ) has posted back to back 60+ point fantasy efforts, and with lots of value today, he’s a strong play (though I think I’d rather pay for James Harden). Brow infamously had his “fouls” game last year against the Clippers, in which he nuked most of the DFS community’s lineups, so if you want to fade him in cash it’s a reasonable proposition. Omer Asik ( $4,400 ) is incredibly cheap and as such is a great play in cash games.

SPIN ( LAC): DeAndre Jordan ( $6,900 ) is a viable GPP center given his upside. He has 3+ blocks in each of his past four games, and has done a much better job this season of staying out of foul trouble. Chris Paul ( $10,100 ) is an outstanding GPP candidate since he’s going against his former team — well, that and Chris Paul is very good at basketball. However, he’s not a good cash game play.  J.J. Redick ( $4,200 ) is a good GPP option for cheap on a short slate. He’s likely to get into foul trouble against Evans though if he guards him, so stay away from him in cash. Blake Griffin ( $9,900 ) is always in play, but is almost always overpriced and tonight is once again one of those nights. I’m just completely uninterested in getting 4x from someone priced as a star.


All Games: Tyreke Evans, Omer Asik, Anthony Davis

GPP Only: Deandre Jordan, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, J.J. Redick

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