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2015 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

As we saw with the catchers, there are a few guys that rise and fall when we compare early rankings and the first few expert drafts. It may seem like insanity to begin looking at baseball at January, but most of the major moves have already been made and teams

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2013 Fantasy BaseballFront OfficeTotal Run Index

In the last edition, we saw that total run index can help us predict which catchers would continue to struggle and which ones would bounce back. I said help because nothing is 100 percent fool proof. Nothing ever could be 100 percent because that would take all the fun out

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2013 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

When one considers the platoon advantage, it pays to consider your roster the same as a typical general manager would. That is, you only have limited spots, so you must save your platoon bullets where they will do the most good. Therefore, the discerning fantasy player should consider the following

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Fantasy BaseballFront OfficeTotal Run Index

There are two primary strategies when it comes to fantasy sports. Sure, there are hundreds of “strategies” and I seem to try a new one every year, but the reality is that there are only two: either you take the best player available or you weight players differently based on the position

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