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2016 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

We have now profiled every team in the AL Central and it shapes up to be the most competitive division in baseball. The Twins came within a few games of making the playoffs last season and most of their lineup is still young and on the come. Most of the

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2016 Fantasy Baseball2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft GuideFantasy Baseball

There are many ways to rank players. I don’t claim to have a monopoly on the truth, but I hope my methods balance analytics with common sense. The analytics part is probably the most involved. We take runs above replacement from the past three seasons according to three different sources

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Fantasy Baseball

When we begin looking at outfielders, we begin to see some flexibility between corner outfielders. Players listed as left fielders could easily switch to right field and vice versa. Obviously, when we mention someone as a left fielder it precludes us mentioning them in right field. We also might have

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2015 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

In the Week 18 edition of fantasy baseball 3×3, we’re rebounding from the MLB trade deadline and grabbing Daniel Norris, dumping Andrew Cashner, and staying with Troy Tulowitzki. There are plenty of waiver wire columns out there that provide an exhaustive list of the most added players in fantasy leagues.

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