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The common refrain from the traditionalist and average fan is that they know a Hall of Famer when they see one. They don’t need fancy numbers to tell them who deserves to be in. The funny thing is that these folks often then quote numbers to argue their point. I’ve

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2020 Fantasy BaseballFantasy BaseballFix Audio

On episode 32, Alan Harrison (@TheFantasyFix) is joined by co-hosts Todd Clark (@lunchmade) and Scott Barzilla (@SBarzilla) to discuss the likelihood of a delayed baseball season and how that impacts some current injured players, some pitchers who were expected to have innings limits and some late round bats. Scott shares

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Fantasy BaseballThe Hall of Fame Index

In continuing with the theme of the last several articles. The Hall of Fame Index demonstrates a few things clearly, but none more prominently than the fact that those that vote for the Hall of Fame don’t necessarily know a Hall of Famer when they see one. The whole notion

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