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2015 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

Welcome to the’s nightly fantasy baseball recap, where you’ll find updates on bullpen usage, lineup construction, injuries, and transactions. No matter the format, we have everything you need to know to help you win your league.

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2014 Fantasy BaseballChris Garosi

Welcome back to The Fantasy Fix’s Closer Report for Week 17. There has been some excitement in the back end of a few bullpens since our last report. And is more to come as

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2014 Fantasy BaseballFantasy Baseball

A blockbuster deal between the Cubs and Athletics provides a couple of players to discuss in this week’s article. They are joined by a couple repeat visitors to the column from the American League West, as well as a former closer back in the bullpen fold in Texas, and a

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2014 Fantasy BaseballFantasy BaseballTotal Run Index

We reach the end of the line in terms of the starting pitchers we will officially rank, but you will see far more than 60 used in your league. Even ten team leagues will probably see closer to 100 starting pitchers used than 60. Judging by the ADP, in a

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