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The end of Spring Training is a hectic time for every team. When teams finalize their rosters they have to expose some players on waivers. Every other team has to decide if their 24th and 25th guy is better than what is available on the waiver wire. In a similar

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Shortstop was the weakest position last year on the diamond last year. Several of the shortstops we are profiling were below average offensive performers last season. Obviously, some of them will rebound to put up positive numbers this year and some won’t rebound. Four of the six profiled shortstops will

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Shortstop is the weakest position on the diamond in terms of fantasy baseball. Only about half of the 25 top shortstops are regularly above average offensively. In a 12 team league that might not be that much of a concern, but a lot of leagues carry a middle infielder in

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