Fantasy Philosophy – Managing the DL

By Evan Hersch

Add Value to Your Roster Now by Maxing-Out the DL Spot

Sometimes overlooked on a fantasy roster is the DL spot. Most leagues allow 1 DL spot, others allow 2.  Either way, if you’re not using it, you’re not maxing-out your team’s value.

Scenario #1—Your team has been hurt by injuries to your starters and you’re using the DL spot(s) for them to rehab. This is OK and simple, you’re dealing with the injuries.

Scenario #2—Your team is healthy and you have at least 1 DL spot right now that you’re not using. Here is where you can improve. The next time you add/drop players (be it any time), try this method: 

Step 1:  Drop your player you no longer like.
Step 2:  Add a player who is currently on the DL, but who has potential value when he returns (example Kerry Wood).
Step 3:  Move this player (Kerry Wood) to your DL slot and submit the lineup change. You will notice that you now have 1 free roster spot.
Step 4:  Add your replacement player as you normally would to replace your dropped starter.Now you have made 2 improvements to your team at the same time.
The Bottom Line: You may like your roster top to bottom, pitchers, hitters etc…but unless you have a bullet waiting the DL chamber, your team can still be improved.Here are some names to take advantage of NOW: 

  1. KERRY WOOD Cleveland Closer (owned in 26% of Yahoo leagues)–Woods 2009 stats: 34 Saves, 3.26, 1.09 WHIP. He has the talent to post above average closer numbers, and the job is his immediately upon his return.  Estimated return date May 10th.
  2.  J.A. HAPP Philadelphia Starting Pitcher (owned in 63% of Yahoo leagues)—Happ was 8th in the NL in ERA last season, had 2 CG shutouts (tied for 1st in NL) and finished 2nd in ROY voting. Before his forearm injury this season, he hadn’t let up a run in either of his 2 starts (10.1 innings).  Estimated return date May 25th.
  3. ERIK BEDARD Seattle Starting Pitcher (owned in 49% of Yahoo leagues)—With a 3.71 career ERA and over 9K’s/9innings, Bedard will improve any fantasy roster in the world upon his return. Estimated return date May 30th.

Depending on the depth and format of your league (ie NL/AL Only), BRAD HAWPE (69% owned) and CARLOS BELTRAN (68% owned) are also worth looking at.

Even BRANDON WEBB, who may not return for 2 to 3 months, is still good to have ownership of if you can make it happen, especially if your league allows 2 DL spots.

If at some point one of your starters gets hurt and you need to free-up that DL spot, you can just drop Webb. The big benefit having a healthy Webb onboard for this fantasy playoff season, as remote as it might sound, is worth taking a small chance on.

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