The Elusive 50 Home Run Club. Who’s Next?

From 1920 to 1965, the 50 home run mark was achieved 15 times and by only 9 different players. The Bambino was the first and he did it 3 more times. Fox, Mantle & Mays each hit 50+ twice. We then had an 11 year drought from 1966 to 1977 until George Foster joined the club and yet another hole from 1978-1989. Enter the 90s with 12 times from big boys like McGwire and Bonds… but not a real shock since these drug induced monsters were eating babies for breakfast. We've had another 12 times since 2000 but the majority were still juiced homers.

No one has hit 50 home runs since 2007 and honestly its a big shocking. I know that supposedly the steroids era is done but 50 homers seems very achievable when seeing the size of some of these guys. In '07 we had Arod and Fielder. In '06 we had Howard and Ortiz. In '05 we had this years resurgence story Andruw Jones. 

So does anyone stand a chance in 2010 or are we going to have a 3-year dry spell?


Ryan Howard 
He has a chance to hit 50 until he is 100 years old. Again off to his usual slow start but we all know they come in huge clumps. 

Albert Pujols
Albert has never hit 50 but came damn close in ’06 and ’09. He’s bound to break 50 one of these years and why not 2010?

Prince Fielder 
Prince has one 50 HR season under his belt but with his slow start this year it seems unlikely he will get more than the mid 40s. Projections for Fielder were really high this year and will most likely fall a little short. Don’t worry, he’ll break 50 again, just not this year.

Alex Rodriguez
ARod has three 50+ seasons but after 17 years he’s very unlikely to hit 50 ever again. Expect mid to high 30s for the rest of his tenure.


Paul Konerko 
As hot as Paul is right now, his highest in his career is 35.
I think he has a good chance of coming close to that number this year and possibly hit 40.

Mark Teixeira
Mr. Consistency will hit his usual 30-35. Sorry Tex, hitting 50 just ain’t your thang.

Adam Dunn
Dunn hit 40+ from 2004-09 and hit 38 last year. There’s a good chance he’ll hit 500 career but 50 will always elude him.


Mark Reynolds
Reynolds is like Adam Dunn in a lot of ways, but he has a legit shot at 50 homers. He hit 44 last year and already has 9. He’ll be a league leader for years to come.

Evan Longoria
He only hit 33 last year but he’s off to a strong start in 2010. Expect closer to 40 for Evan. He has the power, but not sure if he could ever get up to 50.

Jason Heyward
Sure he’s a rookie but the boy has power. 8 homers so far, but since he’s a rookie he’ll probably top off around 30-35.

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