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The Hall of Fame Index

When we looked at shortstops we came up on the problem with what to do with Alex Rodrgiguez. The same problem comes up with Barry Bonds. Fortunately, the focus of the book The Hall of Fame Index Part II wasn’t who was the best or most valuable at each position.

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Fantasy BaseballFix Audio

On episode 35, Alan Harrison (@TheFantasyFix) is joined by co-host Todd Clark (@Lunchmade) and special guest – artist, Blake Jamieson. Blake is best known for his portrait paintings of athletes and most recently, Topps Project 2020.

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2020 Fantasy BaseballFantasy BaseballFix Audio

On episode 34, Alan Harrison (@TheFantasyFix) is joined by co-host Todd Clark (@Lunchmade) and Tim Clark (Twitter, IG) of to discuss baseball, pop culture and what appears to be the renaissance of baseball card collecting courtesy of Topps Project 2020. Give a listen below or download the podcast in iTunes, Stitcher or Google

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Fantasy Baseball

If I may indulge in the Hall of Fame again this offseason, we find that the Hall of Fame is ground zero in the debate between numbers and conventional wisdom. In the many debates I had online, none was more intense than the debate over my hometown hero Jeff Bagwell.

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