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2013 Fantasy Football: IDP Playoff Pickups and Rankings

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Aloha my fellow IDP folks it’s about that time, playoffs!  I hope you’re not one of those whose fate was decided by any New Orleans Saints on whether or not you’ll be making the playoffs or you’re one (like me) who faced a team who started Josh Gordon and Alshon Jeffery and although I’m all about IDP I have to give it up to those WR’s (side note to Eric Decker on his 4 TD’s).  On the IDP side though, if you’ve read my article last week and picked up Olivier Vernon, you would’ve been rewarded with a huge day because he went off putting up 10 tackles and 2.5 sacks.  Are you ready for your playoff run? Did you build up enough depth to carry you through, if you have one last waiver wire opportunity to pick up some guys I have the list for you that’ll help you win that title and not only that but provide you with a link to my playoff rankings to see where your IDP’s stand.

TOP 5 DL Pick-Ups

  1. Olivier Vernon, Dolphins:  last 3 games Vernon totaled 20 tackles and 5.5 Sacks he faces PIT/NEP/BUF he’s in my top 10 going forward.  Mentioned last week to pick him up and if he’s still available i’d make the move if you want to win.
  2. Marcell Dareus, Bills:  if you want consistency, than Dareus is your man if he’s available.  A lock for at least 4-5 tackles and he’ll flirt with a QB sack or two.  Tasty match-ups during playoffs as you’ll see in my rankings.
  3. Devin Taylor, Lions:  had his breakout game in week 13 (3 tackles 1FF and 2-QB Sacks), has the talent to do this consistently.  Has DL2 potential rest of season.
  4. Cameron Heyward, Steelers:  been mentioning Heyward the last few weeks and if he’s still available go grab him as I’ve stated he has favorable match-ups all throughout the playoffs and is riding a hot streak.  DL2 rest of season
  5. Jurrell Casey, Titans:  Casey is a beast on the line and has prime match-ups during the playoffs.  Rarely seen him available in leagues but if he is in your league I’d take the flier with Casey.

TOP 5 LB Pick-Ups

  1. Audie Cole, Vikings:  started again at MLB even with Henderson back and well deserved, i’ve always wanted the Vikings to give Cole a shot at the middle because he’s shown flashes the last 2 pre-seasons on what he’s capable of.  He’s getting his shot now and ROS should flirt with LB2 type numbers and if he’s available, go grab him.
  2. Jon Beason, Giants:  since he got on with the Giants he’s had 2 solid games to think “vintage Beason returns” but he’s had some questionable games too, I haven’t completely bought into it because of his knee but in a tackle heavy league Beason is a good get for the playoff run as your LB3.
  3. Jason Worilds, Steelers:  big play leagues may want to consider Worilds because he’s in the Von Miller-Aldon Smith tiers, and he’s been getting the playing time – well deserved if you ask me as he’s out played Woodley by a mile this season and going forward i expect Worilds to get most of the snaps.  Big play leagues he’s a LB2, standard leagues Worilds is a LB3 with LB2 potential.
  4. Geno Hayes, Jaguars:  mentioned him as a pick-up if needed before and if he’s available he’s a nice pick-up if you need tackles.  Favorable playoff match-ups and could vault into the LB3 discussion & tackle heavy leagues LB2 potential for his solos.
  5. John Abraham, Cardinals:  has been on fire last few weeks racking up QB Sacks, and if you’re in a big play league or a high scoring league that rewards Sacks a ton, Abraham is your guy if he’s available.

Top 5 DB Pick-Ups 

  1. Andrew Sendejo, Vikings:  i was wrong on this guy, but he’s been solid the last couple weeks and a good pick-up if you need a strong DB2 in the playoffs.
  2. Will Hill, Giants:  watched Hill the last couple weeks and he’s a baller, along with Rolle the Giants have a solid Safety tandem but Hill stood out because of his knack for the ball.  He’s an attacker and will get you those tackles, solid DB2 for playoff stretch.
  3. Brandon Carr, Cowboys:  seems like he’s good for an INT just about every game, realistically though he gets his opportunities and provides a handful of tackles and deflections.  Will be a nice DB2 going forward for you and is probably available, hard to predict CB’s but Carr’s been getting his.
  4. TJ McDonald, Rams:  mentioned him last week as a nice pick-up going forward and i’ll include him again because he seems to be a forgotten one.  Before his injury he was having a nice season and now that he’s back, he’s back at doing what he did prior, racking up tackles and making plays.  The more the game comes to McDonald the more he will flirt with DB1 numbers but he’s a solid DB3 with DB2 potential and he’ll get consistent.
  5. Dee Milliner, Jets:  been a good source of tackles and deflections lately and has been one of those DB’s you could stream.  With recent benching though he could be a risk, but really who do the Jets have to put out there? Let the kid develop because he can be solid.  Take the flier on Milliner if you need a source for a handful of tackles and a couple deflections.

There you have it folks, some solid pick-ups if either of these guys are available in your leagues.  As always you can reach me via twitter (@IDPwithBEE_DSE) and i’ll gladly assist you.

You want IDP playoff rankings & wondering where your IDP stands for the playoff stretch? look no further, here is the link that’ll bring you to my IDP playoff rankings – http://idpwithbee.wordpress.com/playoff-rankings/

And if you have questions about that, feel free to ask me – be on the lookout for weekly rankings too, that’ll be posted tomorrow.

Good Luck to you guys in week 14 and your playoff match-ups, win that championship!

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  1. Sean
    December 5, 2013 at 8:16 pm — Reply

    Hi, I just picked up Vernon and I have Quinn, Dunlap, and Chandler Jones in a big play league. Tackle to sack ratio is 1:6. I have a bye this week but play week 15. I can start 2 to 4 DL cause of the 2 flex spots. My LB are Von Miller, Aldon Smith, justin Houston, and Sean Lee. Who should I sit out of all those players for week 15? Also, I picked up Harrison Smith. Do you like Smith week 15? Heard he looks great in practice but can’t return until next week.

    • IDPwithBEE
      December 6, 2013 at 5:49 pm — Reply


      LB’s i’d start this week are Lee & Von as Houston is still out – for DL i’d start Vernon, Quinn and Chandler Jones – need 1 more? i’d start Aldon over Dunlap

      Harrison Smith i like alot he’s a DB1 and must start when healthy and playing, prospects look good for week 15 and nice pickup at that

      Good Luck my dude

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