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2013 Fantasy Baseball, The Daily Fix: July 31st, 2013

Today is like Christmas day during the baseball season. It is the non-waiver deadline. If you are waking up on the east coast, this article went live at 6:00 AM. Obviously, most deals aren’t done before the sun rises, so we can only speculate at this point as to what might happen. Whatever happens, stay tuned to thefantasyfix.com to get the latest on how the moves will affect your fantasy teams.

Obviously, picking a lineup on a day like today is about as daunting as you can get. Some players might be changing addresses before the day is done, so if you want to trust my lineup, make sure you keep abreast of what is going on so you can make last minute changes.

Today, I’m playing in a Double Up! contest again. They range anywhere from a dollar to ten dollars, but each works the same way. If you finish in the top half you get almost twice as much as you put in. Naturally, DraftKings gets their cut because they have to pay their employees, the light bill, and make a little for their trouble. That being said, they are very generous to those that start playing as they will give you a deposit bonus you can access here.

For those new to the process, you must stay within a 50,000 dollar budget. Draftkings just recently changed their interface to make things even easier on you. You can search players based on their salary or their fantasy points per game. All it takes is for you to sign in and give it a whirl.

My Lineup






Matt Wieters



Facing off against Houston is a distinct advantage. By this time tomorrow they could have all rookies.


Eric Hosmer



He was brutal through the first couple of months but he has slowly gotten his mojo back.


Robinson Cano



An elite player like this really shouldn’t be going for this price.


Evan Longoria



If you are able to get two elite players for 8500 dollars you should count yourself lucky.


Alexei Ramirez



He isn’t elite, but he is a very solid player for a very affordable price.


Alex Rios



He was in the doldrums until recently. Take advantage of an upswing.


Wil Myers



He is everything that he was advertised to be and he is still affordable.


Carl Crawford



He may not be the player he was three years ago, but he is better than he was in Boston.


John Lackey



He is facing off against the Mariners. Matchups still matter in daily baseball.


Jeremy Hellickson



The current FPPG really doesn’t tell the whole story. He has been hot the last six weeks.

Twitter Question of the Day

Just like last week, I will use this space to answer one question I received via twitter that deserves more than 140 characters. I have some consistent followers that shoot me some questions from time to time. If you have a question you would like addressed in this space, feel free to follow me at @sbarzilla and fire away.

Is Jose Altuve worth a waiver claim?

The short answer is probably yes. I say probably because it always depends on what your roster needs are and what you have going at second base. Jose Altuve is kind of divisive character and through no fault of his own. After all, he is just a young kid trying to establish himself as a big league regular. Recently, he succeeded in getting the kind of long-term extension that is popular amongst young players with promise.

I personally question how much promise he has in the long term. In 2012, his first full season in the big leagues, he was 22 and managed a .290/.340/.399 slash line. I would be optimistic too after a season like that. He struck out only 74 times and walked a respectable 40 times. I wouldn’t  have made him a top five overall second baseman, but couple that with 33 stolen bases and you had something.

The Astros ignored his regression and gave him an extension. Now, he is hitting .280/.318/.359. The strikeout to walk ratio that carried him through 2012 has regressed to 56 to 23. He will not walk 40 times at this pace and he will strike out more than 74 times. That’s problematic. He will steal more than 33 bases at this pace and that number alone makes him worth the claim, but I’m not sold on him as a fantasy starter in the long-term.





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