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2015 Fantasy Baseball, Week 3 Tools of the Trade: Kris Bryant’s Current Value

TheFantasyFix.com’s “Tools of the Trade” is a unique guide for owners to use while attempting to make an even trade with their league-mates in a standard 12-team mixed, 5×5 head-to-head or rotisserie redraft league.

The values present in this guide are simply the basis for a trade. A full-blown analysis of each team’s strengths and weaknesses are essential prior to proposing or accepting a trade offer.

How to use the guide: Ideally, owners will agree to a trade that will aid both sides and stay within $2-3 of each other in a one-for-one and $4-5 in a multi-player deal, according to our chart. Players not noted should be considered $1 players.

Here’s the chart:

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You can also download the chart, here.

Trading isn’t easy. It’s fun, but not easy. Remember that you don’t have to “win” the trade in order to pull the trigger. If you’re improving your team, then you should make the deal.

This week we’ll chat quickly about the value of in-season call-ups. In this example, the value of Kris Bryant skyrocketed well before the season started. His average draft position soared to 90th overall by the end of the draft season and 11th among third baseman. We should take into consideration that there are a variety of fantasy baseball formats considered when the ADP data was collected, so keeper and dynasty drafters could’ve been at the root of the spike. At any rate, rookies are typically overrated because fantasy baseball owners don’t want to miss out on the next best thing. In fact, I tweeted this to Michael Salfino during a discussion of the same:

His discussion revolved around Taijuan Walker, but you get the idea. At this point though, owners are still chasing the legend that is Kris Bryant. After crowd sourcing Twitter, here are some examples of trades that recently went down for the Cubbies’ top-prospect: &

That’s crazy (for now). Here’s another:

That’s pretty crazy, too. Here’s another:

This isn’t as crazy, in my opinion. I didn’t love Wainwright heading into the season, but he’s off to a fine start. The thing here is that pitching is relatively deep, so if by chance Bryant flopped, you could still recover, which may not be the case if you dealt Tulo for him.

Have a question about our Week 3 Tools of the Trade? Leave it in the comments below.

The concept for the this trade value chart has been adapted from Dave Richard’s fantasy football work at CBS.

All of our statistics are courtesy of our friends at FanGraphs .

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