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2013 Fantasy Baseball Daily Fix: May 2

The calendar has turned to May, but the same story lines keep coming through. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are on top of the division again like normal. Meanwhile, the so-called power division in the American League (AL West) is sputtering along. The big picture doesn’t necessarily matter at Draftkings where you can take advantage of their deposit bonus.

Today, we we will be playing the $11 Double Up. Sure, it’s a bit of an investment, but you have a 50 percent chance of collecting a twenty spot for your trouble. There is definitely a lot of room for error in this one and it still satisfies those that want a little more juice in play.

My Lineup

Catcher: Jason Castro vs. Rick Porcello

Jason Castro has been sneaky good lately. He has ten doubles already on the season and we’ve only been through a month. That puts him on a pace to hit more than 50 doubles on the season. Rick Porcello has struggled so far this year and Castro hits well against right handers as well.

First Base: Anthony Rizzo vs. Eric Stults

This is one of those all or nothing plays. Rizzo has spent much of the season hovering around the Mendoza line, but he is also on a pace to hit more than 30 home runs on the season. I’ve got a hunch that this one will be one of his better efforts considering that Stults is unencumbered with competence.

Second Base:  Jose Altuve vs. Rick Porcello

True, Altuve hits better against lefties, but he is hitting around .350 on the season. Altuve was a brilliant hitter in the first half last year as well. As I did yesterday, I like to double and triple up on match-ups.

Third Base: Manny Machado vs. Joe Blanton

When you look up mediocre in the dictionary you see a picture of Joe Blanton. Machado has been good so far and that should continue against Blanton today.

Shortstop: Alcides Escobar vs. Roberto Hernandez

Roberto Hernandez is the artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona. The name change hasn’t helped his performance. Of course he also aged a couple of years in the process. Escobar has been solid offensively for over a year now, so he’s a solid play.

Outfield: Chris Carter vs. Rick Porcello

Again, we are tripling our bet on the Houston Astros. They are currently sixth in the American League in runs scored, so it isn’t a horrible bet. Carter has a ton of strikeouts on the season, but when he connects he usually connects with authority.

Outfield: David Dejesus vs. Eric Stults

Again, we are doubling up on Stults. Dejesus isn’t explosive offensively, but he’s a solid play in this instance and very affordable for you. He should be good for a couple of hits today.

Outfield: Jon Jay vs. Wily Peralta

Jay is underappreciated and Peralta has been struggling in the early going. Sometimes you have to play a cheaper bet so you can afford to play some more expensive players at other positions.

Pitcher: Justin Grimm vs. Chicago White Sox

The White Sox are underperforming offensively and Grimm has gotten off to a good start this season. The combination should give him a pretty good chance to win tonight.

Pitcher: Jake Westbrook vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Westbrook is the National League version of Clay Buchholz. He has an ERA under 1.00 coming into the game and he obviously hasn’t lost yet. Someone that hot should be bet on until they prove they are going to fall out of their tree.

Yesterday’s Action

Clay Buchholz moved to 6-0 on the season with a 1.01 ERA. He may not have the pedigree that someone like Justin Verlander or Felix Hernandez doesn, but he is well on his way to an all-star berth and possible Cy Young campaign. Meanwhile, the Blue Jays keep sinking further and further into the basement.

While the Miami Marlins have taken a bath for their dealings this offseason, you have to admit that the trades have worked out in their favor. At least, the players they’ve dealt have struggled thus far. Jose Reyes is on the disabled list, Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle have struggled and they are out from under those heavy contracts. Meanwhile, Adeiny Hechavarria is ready to come off of the disabled list.

MLBtv Game of the Day

The Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves seem to be the early season favorites in the NL East. Justin Upton is hot as a pistol for the Braves while Bryce Harper seems to be coming of age for the Nationals. Dan Haren is coming off of a great start while Kris Medlen was brilliant last season and off to a good start this year. It should be a great match up.

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