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Opening Day Is Near! Get Your Daily Fantasy Baseball Fix With DraftKings

We at DraftKings are so excited to be a part of The Fantasy Fix community!

DraftKings is one of the leaders in the daily fantasy industry, and if you haven’t heard of it, well, here’s your chance to be wowed. There are quite a few alternatives for sports fans, with quite a few preferring the Best Draftkings Alternative to the actual thing, but it’s all down to personal preference. DraftKings is the same idea as regular fantasy, but you’re drafting a new team every time you want to play. Each contest lasts just one-day—so you’re never screwed over by an injury to a star player or a crummy draft. It’s the perfect way to complement your season long teams, and who knows, maybe you’ll use your fantasy knowledge to get rich in the process. You can enter into contests for as little as $1 and literally win tens of thousands of dollars.

We chose to be a part of The Fantasy Fix because we know the readers are engaged, smart, and open to all things fantasy.


With baseball approaching, the DraftKings brain trust locked ourselves in a conference room with one goal in mind—to create an unforgettable start to the baseball season. After a bunch of bickering, enough unhealthy snacks that a few of us should be indicted for carbo-cide, and lots of good conversation, here’s what we came up with:

Over $300,000 in prizes over the first 12 days of baseball season

From April 1st to April 12th, we’ll be giving out over $300,000 in prizes. We’re calling the whole thing our $300,000 Hardball Hit Parade, and you can check out our new landing page here. Our thinking is that the Hardball Hit Parade will have something for everyone. There are some great contests to start out:

You can enter the $20k Opening Day for just $16, and the $2k Moon Shot for just $2. Turning $2 into $2,000 is no joke, and you can only do it on DraftKings.

Good luck! And remember, if you’ve done your research for a season-long league you’ll have a leg up on the competition to begin baseball season.

Be on the lookout every day for The Daily Fix, where the great baseball prognosticators will tell you the best values on DraftKings throughout the year.

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