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Week 5’s Top Must or Bust


Evan Meek

Kosuke Fukudome – 7r 3hr 8rbis .476
Only owned in 32% of Yahoo Leagues, he’s a quick solution to your ailing team. Ride him while he’s hot because historically he has no chance of keeping it up for a whole season. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say the first two years he was adjusting to baseball in the MLB.

Austin Jackson – 9r 1hr 2rbis 2sb .483
A rookie hitting leadoff is always a tough one. There is a lot of pressure in those shoes. Take a look at Drew Stubbs who is batting .176! Jackson was the Yankees top prospect last year before being traded and has been compared to a young Cano. Only owned in 46% of Yahoo Leagues. Definitely a great pickup to see how long this young star can produce before he hits his first slump.

David Freese 3r 2hr 10rbis 1sb .440
Having a great week and playing for the Cardinals so thats a plus for offense, but way too early to see if this kid is for real. LaRussa has said he could be a long-term solution at 3b but its going to take more than a week of good stats to impress me.

Austin Kearns 4r 2hr 7rbis 1sb .346
Since joining the Tribe, Kearns is trying to make a case that he belongs in the permanent lineup. He is certainly playing better than LaPorta at the moment. The truth is, unless Kearns ran into a magical bat, he is no better than any of his previous 9 seasons. His only full season in Washington was nothing special.

Scott Olsen 2W 12K 0.00 ERA 1.15WHIP
Two gems in a row against the Dodgers and Florida.  Olsen shows signs of greatness every once in a while. If you didn't ride him for these last two games (chances are you didn't, he's owned in 1% of Y! leagues) you missed the boat. Sure he will have more good games like that this season but they will scattered. Too risky for my team.

Gio Gonzalez – 2W 11K 1.32 ERA .88WHIP
Year after year I am always impressed with the young pitchers on Oakland and how they are molded into solid SPs. Gio is still young but shows signs of greatness. He’s only owned in 7% of leagues so he is out there. If you have the room he’s worth a shot and seeing where it goes.

Evan Meek – 4IP 1SV 5K 0.00 ERA .75WHIP
Dotel is the closer…for the moment. He's already blown 2 saves and given up 11 earned runs. Unless there is an immediate turnaround from Dotel, they will probably be handing over the ball to Meek. Owned in 13% of Y!, Meek has the strongest chance of turning into an everyday closer over any other RP at the moment.

Any Other Must or Bust Candidates? 
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