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2019 Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Rankings — Post All-Star Break

YO! I hope everyone enjoyed a week off from setting their fantasy lineups, but if you’re anything like me, on Monday I was itching for game action again and felt a void in my heart. Life is simply better when there’s NBA games on at night. We’re coming off of a fairly busy trade deadline which I covered live. If you missed that write-up, check that our here.

I covered how you should look at dynasty rankings differently depending on your league, and more specifically, what stage your team is in the last version of these rankings. But, just to cover my bases a bit, you should just remember that most owners aren’t in the same situations. So, while the top contending teams may know that Chris Paul is healthy and balling for them, rebuilders want nothing to do with him. You’ll see CP3 ranked 75 below, just behind Mikal Bridges. Which of those guys is better right now? That’s obvious, but who do I believe has more value in a dynasty format, Mikal. However, I’m not just going to put all the old vets outside the top-100, they’re still very valuable to close to half your league, and they will be relevant for a couple more seasons.

That’s why I try and find a happy medium area for the older, contributing vets. Usually you’ll see a few of them bunched together, because it’s a spot I felt was good for the next tier of them. If you’re a rebuilder, they’re sell pieces to the contenders asap. If you’re trying to win now, you’re looking to buy these guys as cheap as possible and win a ship with them, even if it sets your long-term plans back a little. Winning a title is what it’s all about, and you don’t want to come up just short because you may not be as good in 2021 if you make a deal.

Another note, I’m not perfect, so don’t take these as the 100% lock them in rankings. They’re my personal take. Had a commenter last time say that he saw D’Angelo Russell inside the top-20 and stopped reading. That’s an odd hill to die on, but okay… We may vary on the upside or value of a player, that’s fine. Take my opinion as just that, always prefer your gut, because in the end, you’ll be a lot more pissed if you went along with my thoughts and I was wrong, than if you go with your own gut and are wrong. Always better to be able to blame yourself than someone else. In the end, it’s your decision, whichever way you choose to go.

These are more of H2H rankings, as my roto ranks would be very similar, but you know I don’t personally even consider drafting % killers in roto. These are also for standard 8-categories because turnovers is a sinful fantasy cat that should be stopped. If I were in a 9-cat league, I’d keep my rankings the exact same though, because I’d be punting TOs. I like to have the best players on my team and the best players typically turn the ball over due to having the ball more.

I posted their ages as what they’ll be at the start of the 2019-20 season. So, yes, I know most are listed as a year older than the age they currently are. Enough set-up, let’s get to the rankings.

p=points r=rebounds a=assists s=steals b=blocks t=treys/3s p/t=playing time


Player Team Age Notes
1 Anthony Davis NOP 26 Shut down possible, limited p/t for now, new home this summer?
2 Karl-Anthony Towns MIN 23 Edge over Giannis due to 3s and FT%
3 G. Antetokounmpo MIL 23 78% FT and 1.0 treys last 30, keeps it up, I’ll move him up
4 Joel Embiid PHI 25 The Process – 27p 13r 2b 1.2t 80%ft on 10fta, knee soreness…
5 James Harden HOU 30 29yo but he’s got a few monstrous years left
6 Nikola Jokic DEN 24 21p 10r 8a 1s 1t last 2mos
7 Kawhi Leonard TOR 28 He’s back! Last 2mos 29.7p 7.7r 3a 2s 2t elite %s
8 Kevin Durant GSW 31 #4 player on year, could leave GS this summer
9 Stephen Curry GSW 31 Still super elite for win now, 5+ treys a night, few more yrs
10 Luka Doncic DAL 20 The hype is legit. Filling stat sheet, eventually better fg%
11 Ben Simmons PHI 23 No treys, ugh. Near trip-dub avgs, punt FT% gem
12 Kyrie Irving BOS 27 On FIRE! 27p 5r 9a 1.8s 0.4b 2.7t 53%fg 90%ft last 30
13 Paul George OKC 29 Crushing it in OKC, Elite Pts, Stls, 3s – good everywhere
14 Damian Lillard POR 29 You know what you get w Dame, lot of gas left in tank
15 Russell Westbrook OKC 30 If rebuilding, he’s a sell. Trip-dub stats, but %s tanking
16 Bradley Beal WSH 26 25-5-5 w 2.5t 1.5s 0.9b and good %s, monster w Wall out, Otto gone
17 Donovan Mitchell UTA 23 Shown shooting inconsistency, but when he’s hot, he’s lava
18 D’Angelo Russell BKN 23 Always been a believer, breaking out – prime Lowry #s
19 Devin Booker PHX 22 Stud, but assume PHX will bring in PG this summer, lower assists
20 Rudy Gobert UTA 27 15p 13r 2a 1s 2b 65%fg, FT not great but 71% FT last 60 not bad
21 De’Aaron Fox SAC 21 Little slump lately, 42.5% FG, under 1.0 treys, still a baller
22 Jayson Tatum BOS 21 Not close to ceiling yet, could become KD-esque, hope traded to NO
23 Kristaps Porzingis DAL 24 New home, possible return soon. Top-15 when he’s 100%
24 DeMarcus Cousins GSW 29 Recovery year, likely new team next season – huge #s ahead
25 DeAndre Ayton PHX 21 Great rookie year #s, needs to up blks to jump into top-15
26 Clint Capela HOU 23 He’s on the perfect team – 17.5p 12.5r 2b 63%fg, but 62%ft
27 Jrue Holiday NOP 29 AD limited and gone soon, Jrue’s USG even higher, all out stud
28 Myles Turner IND 23 Rebounds hit or miss, 3blks in 29mpg! – FT% been better lately
29 Jimmy Butler PHI 29 Don’t love him in Philly, but he doesn’t hurt you anywhere
30 LeBron James LAL 34 Avg’ing over 2 treys first time in career, still top 15 NOW, aging
31 Andre Drummond DET 26 16.5p 14.5r 1.8s 1.5b L60. He’s top-15ish for punt FT% teams
32 Trae Young ATL 21 Top-50 last 30/60, 18.5p 4r 8a 1s 2t 43%fg 80%ft last 60. Baller
33 Jarrett Allen BKN 21 Still raw, top-75 last 30/60, Capela pts-rebs-blks upside w 74% FT
34 Jamal Murray DEN 22 Great player, but he needs to up stls to jump in ranks or could fall
35 Kemba Walker CHA 29 Everything but FG% is great for a PG, FA this summer
36 Jaren Jackson Jr. MEM 20 Gasol gone. Numbers disappointing in 29mpg recently, huge upside
37 Nikola Vucevic ORL 28 Wasn’t traded, numbers will continue to pour in. Re-signs in ORL?
38 Klay Thompson GSW 29 Curry/KD get the love, but Klay is still doing his thing
39 Victor Oladipo IND 27 FG% putrid this year, real bad injury, hope for 19-20 bounce back
40 Khris Middleton MIL 28 Career low 43% FG (45% last 60 tho) but 17p 6r 4a 1s 2.3t
41 Lauri Markkanen CHI 22 Looking better and better. 21.5p 11.7r 2.9t 44.5%fg 90%ft last 30
42 Jusuf Nurkic POR 25 15p 10r 4a 1.3s 1.8b and good %s for the still young C
43 Otto Porter CHI 26 Trade to CHI was huge. 4 more FGA, career high USG, 3s/pts up
44 Draymond Green GSW 29 Poor FG%, low pts, 7+rebs/asts w 1+ blk/stl, more value in deep lgs
45 Tobias Harris LAC 27 Was continuing to climb, now in Philly, not ideal
46 DeMar Derozan SAS 30 19p 6r 6a ft% all pluses, lack of treys/stls + age, limit value
47 Caris LeVert BKN 25 Was on his way to a breakout season pre-injury. I believe.
48 Julius Randle NOP 24 Has surprised me, 20p 9r 3a and 0.5+ 3s/stls/blks
49 John Collins ATL 22 Quality DD machine, needs to increase stls or blks to rise, 1+trey nice
50 Jonathan Isaac ORL 22 Finally! Top-40 last 30, top-20 last 15. 15p 6r 1.3s 2.7b 1.7t 90%ft L15
51 Wendell Carter Jr. CHI 20 Our rest of season (just a thumb), 15p 10+r 2b great %s type upside
52 Robert Covington PHI 28 Fits well w Wolves, 15p 6r 2s 1b 2t – great win-now piece
53 Kyle Kuzma LAL 24 He’s got ‘star’ written on him, but to get inside top-40 has to up
54 Blake Griffin DET 30 26p 7r 5.5a 2.4t puts him top-20 last 2mos, injury concerns
55 Lonzo Ball LAL 21 Brutal %s, the pts are ehh, but nice 3s, rebs, asts, stls. Upside
56 Eric Bledsoe MIL 29 Can be streaky, but nice stat avgs, UFA this summer
57 John Wall WSH 29 Injury got worse, had another surgery, could miss 19-20 season also
58 Zach LaVine CHI 24 Not bad, but his lack of D stats limits fantasy value
59 CJ McCollum POR 27 Same as LaVine, good points, %s, 3s, hope CJ gets traded
60 Gordon Hayward BOS 28 Not normal yet, but showing more flashes of old self last month
61 Steven Adams OKC 26 Scoring is up (15), blocks are down (0.7), FT% still bad
62 Gary Harris DEN 25 Battling injuries this yr, worried enough to drop him some, hopeful
63 Aaron Gordon ORL 24 Occasional flashes, lack of D stats, dropped him down for now
64 Pascal Siakam TOR 25 Hello Pascal! 15p 7r 3a, just shy of 1 trey/stl/blk club
65 Mike Conley MEM 32 Stats are still there for now, only a couple good years left
66 LaMarcus Aldridge SAS 34 Same as Conley, but even older, top-30 stats in ’19 though
67 Josh Richardson MIA 26 Still like the upside here, but has to get blks back up, FG% too
68 Buddy Hield SAC 26 I’ll eat some crow, he’s been good. Lack of D stats, big pts/3s
69 Kelly Oubre PHX 23 Trade to PHX was a blessing, 14p 4r and 1+ stl/blk/trey since
70 Markelle Fultz ORL 21 Traded to ORL, seems happy, perfect landing spot to recover
71 Marvin Bagley III SAC 20 Not his biggest fan, p/t on rise second half – pts/rebs guy for now
72 Malcom Brogdon MIL 26 Been great this year, if Bledsoe leaves, jumps way up
73 Bogdan Bogdanovic SAC 27 16p 4r 4.5a 1s 2t last 2mos.
74 Mikal Bridges PHX 23 Already good w mins, big 3s/stls, shot coming, think 17-18 GHarris
75 Chris Paul HOU 34 Win-now player, lot of injury concerns here
76 Kyle Lowry TOR 33 For win-now teams only, no trade value to non-contenders
77 Kevin Love CLE 31 When healthy, puts up big pts/rebs/3s/ft% no more, bad fg%
78 Al Horford BOS 33 Same as above few, is what he is now
79 Jerami Grant OKC 25 Quietly having a nice fantasy year, 13p 5r 0.9s 1.4b 1t
80 TJ Warren PHX 26 Fine if he stays on Suns w 30+mins – 18p 1.8t 1.4s
81 Mitchell Robinson NYK 21 11p 8r 2.7b L15, big upside, still raw, Knicks summer moves leaves ?s
82 Dejounte Murray SAS 23 Injury ruined his big breakout chance, hopefully gets 100%
83 Terry Rozier BOS 25 I’m mixed on Roz, but if he goes to a place he’s PG1, he’ll get #s
84 Marc Gasol TOR 34 Win-now only, untradable otherwise in dynasty, less value in TOR
85 Dennis Smith Jr. NYK 21 Trade to NYK is nice, but until he ups %s, he’ll stay in this range
86 Kevin Knox NYK 20 Has a lot of growing to do, getting big mins/experience already
87 S Gilgeous-Alexander LAC 21 LAC PG of future, shows flashes, shot needs work
88 Kris Dunn CHI 25 Needs to up 3s/pts/asts to move up, doesn’t seem “the guy” for Chi
89 Michael Porter Jr. DEN 21 Blind to injury reports I had him #3 in my rookie ranks. Gallo 2.0
90 Domantas Sabonis IND 23 He’d be a lot higher on another team w more PT 15-10-3 on yr
91 Ivica Zubac LAC 22 Traded to LAC, getting shot. 10p 5.7r 1.3b in 20mpg thru 3gm, UFA
92 Nikola Mirotic NOP 28 Traded to Bucks, less USG there, UFA this summer
93 Brandon Ingram LAL 22 Very disappointing. Lack of 3pt shot puzzling. Offseason trade?
94 Larry Nance Jr. CLE 26 Balls when he gets the PT, needs Love or Tristan gone
95 Bobby Portis WSH 24 Has BALLED since trade to Wiz, RFA this summer, keep eye on
96 Danilo Gallinari LAC 31 Win-now type, couple yrs left, top-35 in ’19, injury history
97 Montrezl Harrell LAC 25 Can he sustain? Hard worker, punt FT% target, 15p 6r 1+ stl/blk
98 Jaylen Brown BOS 22 Good player, would love to see him traded, otherwise will fall
99 Jonas Valanciunas MEM 27 Will Grizz give him mins he needs to rise? Rises more if so
100 Bam Adebayo MIA 22 Longer view here, he’s going to be really good. Buy low
101 Mo Bamba ORL 21 Vooch wasn’t dealt, could re-sign and slow Bamba progression
102 Willie Cauley-Stein SAC 25 If you’re punting FT% he’s fine, wish the blks were better
103 DeAndre Jordan DAL 31 Blks no longer elite, but 14rebs is, punt FT% – maybe 1-2 yrs
104 Spencer Dinwiddie BKN 26 Couple teams really regretting letting him get away, ballin
105 Derrick White SAS 25 He’s played well w DJM out, guessing he’s earned ’19-20 role
106 Josh Jackson PHX 22 Brief stretches to boost hopes, 17p 5.5r 2.5a 1.2s 1.0b 0.9t L13 gms
107 Jeremy Lamb CHA 27 16p 5r 2a 1.5t 47%fg 85%ft last 12gms, Hornets a mess, so could hold
108 Landry Shamet LAC 22 Trade ups value, Doc says he’ll start, 30mpg, could rise/fall quick
109 Hassan Whiteside MIA 30 1 for his last 15 on FT, that’s just DGAF, value rapidly declining
110 Joe Harris BKN 28 15.5p 3r 3a 2.5t lately, great %s — nice role guy, younger Ingles?
111 Will Barton DEN 28 Top-60 a year ago, bit more crowded now, but he gets his
112 Jabari Parker WSH 23 12p 7.5 5a 1.3s in 4gms w Wiz. Can he keep it up?
113 Ricky Rubio UTA 28 If you punt FG%, Rubio is top-75 13.5p 6a 1s 1.5t – UFA
114 Jordan Clarkson CLE 27 16p 2+ reb/ast/trey 1s last 60, inefficient but it’s the Cavs…
115 Collin Sexton CLE 20 Not a believer, but some are, scores but inefficient, bad team
116 Isaiah Thomas DEN 30 He’s finally back, but haven’t seen enough to know role yet in Den
117 Kevin Huerter ATL 21 10p 3.5r 3.8a 1.3s 2t last 12gms but shot 41%, shows upside
118 Jeff Teague MIN 31 Struggling but assists are premium and 8.5 last 60, 1+ stl/trey
119 Lou Williams LAC 33 21p 5a 3.5r 1.5t last 30, limited dyno value, but great win now stats
120 Jahlil Okafor NOP 23 Made the most of recent opportunity, 29mpg 16p 9r 1.5b last 10gms
121 Dario Saric MIN 25 27mpg 16.4p 6.8r 2a 2.8t last 5 games, should be playing over Taj
122 Rudy Gay SAS 33 He’s had a nice year with Manu and Green gone, top-60 L30/60
123 Reggie Jackson DET 29 Looking settled in recently, lack of steals and incosistent FG% tho
124 Brook Lopez MIL 31 7-footer gets SF numbers – great for 3s/blks 2+ of each this yr
125 Taurean Prince ATL 25 Don’t feel he’s a long-term value, but decent now on bad team
126 Justise Winslow MIA 23 It was a mirage, back to 40% FG last month. Asts drop w Dragic back
127 Cedi Osman CLE 24 Big mins on bad team, 18p 4.5r 3a 1.1s 2.7t last 9gms, I’d sell high
128 Serge Ibaka TOR 30 Contenders could use his 16p 7r 1+blk, could drop w Gasol around
129 Harry Giles SAC 21 Bjelica was out of rotation first post-break game, Giles could emerge
130 Tim Hardaway Jr. DAL 27 FG% is ugly, 16p 3r 2.5a 1s 2.3t last 60, still starter mins in Dallas
131 Eric Gordon HOU 30 Here’s a few more win nows, EG for pts/3s
132 Darren Collison IND 32 DC playing decent, gets USG boost rest of ’19 w Oladipo out
133 Evan Fournier ORL 26 Streaky, has been mostly bad this year, 17p 3r 4a 1s 1.5t last 15
134 Tristan Thompson CLE 28 As long as he’s on this horrible Cavs team, he’s a DD guy
135 Andrew Wiggins MIN 24 Bad %s, lack of D stats, 19p 5r 2a 1.5t last 30 – just pray
136 Jake Layman POR 25 Balled pre-break, Kanter may limit mins ceiling, but intriguing
137 Joe Ingles UTA 31 11.5p 4r 5a 2t 1.5s poor FG%, already 31 tho
138 Harrison Barnes SAC 27 6gm sample, but 6% less USG so far in Sacto, could fall next update
139 Dennis Schroder OKC 25 Inconsistently decent, but tough to do more w Russ/PG around
140 Zhaire Smith PHI 20 Showed game in freshman year, could be good fit, unknown
141 Thomas Bryant WSH 22 Role has shrunk w the arrival of Portis, still solid per min stats
142 Derrick Rose MIN 31 How long will this bounce-back last? Who knows, don’t overpay
143 JJ Redick PHI 35 You know what he is. Scoring and 3s, contender piece only
144 Jordan Bell GSW 24 We saw it in NCAAB, summer FA, could breakout elsewhere?
145 Dante Exum UTA 24 Rubio could be gone next yr, role could improve if play does
146 Kenrich Williams NOP 24 11.5p 8.5r 3.3a 0.5s 1b 2t playing 30mpg the last 8gms, I’m watching
147 Tyler Johnson PHX 27 Starter rest of way, doubtful long-term upside, 12-3-4 type ROS
148 Elfrid Payton ORL 25 Y’all know I don’t like this kid, but asts/stls are valuable
149 Thaddeus Young IND 31 Decent of late, USG uptick w Dipo done, contender target
150 Luke Kennard DET 23 Detroit trades opened up lots of p/t, let’s see what he does with it


After the season, I’ll be dropping a top 300+ dynasty rankings for all of you deeper league players and simply so that I can cover more players who I like the potential of but they just aren’t ready to break into the top-150 yet. So, keep an eye out for that, but I’ll have at least one or two more updates to this top-150 between now and the end of the season.

For more fantasy hoops analysis and to have any questions answered, find me in the Twitterverse @BigZack44

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