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2012 Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Dan Brooks & Harry Pavlidis take you to PITCH F/X school


 Brett Talley (@TheRealTAL) of is joined by Dan Brooks (@brooksbaseball) and Harry Pavlidis (@HarryPav) of, the preeminent source for PITCHF/X data.  Dan and Harry explain what PITCH F/X is, how it is tracked and what the applications are for the ample information that comes out of it.

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Here is one example that Harry and Dan were talking about in the podcast, which I found here.

What we learn from this image, is that the home run Yoenis Cespedes launched off of Jason Vargas in the fourth inning of their 4/6/2012 game, was an 84 mph “meatball” (cutter) right in the heart of the zone.

The home run pitch is labeled “4” in the graph, as it was the fourth pitch Cespedes saw from Vargas.


Additionally, in this second example, which I found here, we see Yoenis Cespedes’ face off against Steve Delabar of the Mariners on the following day, 4/7/2012.

In this seventh inning, Delabar tossed Cespedes a ~93 mph four seam fastball, once again, right in the heart of the zone. Cespedes punished him for the mistake with his second homer in two days.

The home run pitch is labeled “3”, as it was the third pitch Cespedes saw from Delabar.

If teams are using this or similar data, which we have to assume they will, we would think they won’t be serving up any more meatballs to Cespedes in the near future.

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