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Our final dance for 2019 and we hope to impress you like Turbo’s courtship of the broom in Breakin’, the 1984 classic about the genre known as break dancing. On my Fantasy Championships music playlist (I tweeted a Spotify Playlist link out on Tuesday) you might have noticed the jam “There’s No Stoppin’ Us” by Ollie & Jerry. This was a favorite of mine in 5th grade when we would put on our best B-Boy attire, throw out the cardboard and work on perfecting power moves like the ‘worm’, flares or inverted freezes. Yes, I was a ‘breaker’ and ‘popper’ and Electric Boogaloo and Beat Street were two of my favorites when I was becoming a young man. We practiced non-stop trying to be fresh and learn how to keep the beat and establish rhythm. Our ghetto blasters were always near and man, did we sweat! The Chicago Bears were really cool and so was our new found love for sick beats and ultimately the start of Hip Hop. Since we were already big fans of being fly, when the Super Bowl Shuffle dropped, my fate was sealed. Rap music and the NFL took over my interests and the rest in his-story.

The goal all season was to provide you insight and options for you to help select your weekly lineups. We are not here to manage your team but to provide an outlet for you to dominate your opponents. If you happen to read this far, then you are the reason why we get up early, crunch stats and furnish valuable information to ease your quest for the title of FANTASY CHAMPION. Now is not the time to slack, but the time to shine for you, your pride and to make us proud. If you do become the victorious one, let us know through a tweet. We want to do the ‘robot’ or ‘dolphin dive’ in your honor!

Our Week 16 consensus position ranks are below and use them to decide between players you have on the fence. Lock in your lineup now and find out what are the pivots you can make. Know the weather, keep updated with news and injuries, make sure you have done your holiday shopping and free up your weekend schedule. Battle is on the horizon so drink your mead, get out your wet reed, stuff your gut with feed and do your best to succeed. These ranks will be in a constant state of flux until lineups lock. Check back frequently to see how guys have moved up and down until game time. If you have perplexing lineup dilemmas, we would love to help. Good luck, we are all counting on you!  Please remember that there are games on Saturday, geesh.

Todd D Clark – Fantasy Bro

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