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Would You Like To Be A Fantasy Football Millionaire?

Reading The Fantasy Fix certainly improves your chances of success in fantasy football (you’re welcome again for Bilal Powell), but even if you make all the right moves, it’s likely that injuries, matchups, and just plain old bad luck will have you donating a least one or two league entry fees to a buddy’s bank account this season.

That’s where DraftKings comes in. You can play week-to-week. You can risk as much or as little as you want. I play every weekend, and I’m quite excited to say that my bankroll is up about 50% for the season. My winnings, however, are small potatoes compared to what DraftKings has coming up. Unless your league commissioner is Floyd Mayweather, I have a feeling that the reward this contest offers is going to be pretty appealing.

The contest I speak of is, our course, the DraftKings Fantasy Millionaire Grand Final. The grand prize is, you guessed it, a million smackaroos. Not too shabby.

The contest itself won’t take place until Week 16, but it’s never too early to qualify. Lucky for you, there are several ways to do it, depending on your situation so far this football season. Let’s run ‘em down, shall we?


You’re languishing at 0-4 after spending what seemed like smart draft picks on Ray Rice and Roddy White. You’re trapped in fantasy purgatory with a head full of useful knowledge but a roster stacked with untradeable players.

Well, my friend, you may always be one or two FAAB dollars away from picking up the guy you need on waivers, but you could be only two real dollars away from earning a million. You can enter this week’s $2 Fantasy Millionaire Qualifier and draft the team you wished you’d picked at the start of the season.

And oh yeah, if you’re new to DraftKings, the $2 qualifier is free. Kinda seems silly not to give it a shot, eh?


You are movin’ on up. You may not have the best team in the league right now, but you’re buying low on prime bounceback candidates like Stevan Ridley and Vincent Jackson, or maybe you’ve got Le’Veon Bell coming back from injury. Either way, the future is bright for you; I think you can afford a bit more substantial investment.

I’d recommend the $11, $27, or even the $55 contests for you (just click the link to “Full Contest Rules & Prizes” to see the other entry fee options). You’re confident enough to put some more scratch in play, especially because in the case of the $55 Fantasy Millionaire Qualifier, you only have to beat 29 other teams to earn the right to play for the million.

Poor saps, they never stood a chance.


Let me preface what I’m about to write by telling you that I mean it in the nicest way possible.

I hate you. I hate that you drafted Peyton Manning, I hate that you beat me to Joique Bell on waivers, and I hate that you took a late round flier on Jordan Cameron right after I was psyched to take Dwayne Allen. You know, hypothetically.

Ok, that was too harsh. I don’t hate you. I’m just jealous of how well things have gone for you. As much as I’d bet on you to win one of the qualifiers I mentioned above, you don’t even need to do that. Sure, you could try the $162 Fantasy Millionaire Qualifier, but you’ve probably already got $1,500 worth of winnings burning a hole in your pocket; why not just double down and buy in with cash?

Regardless of which archetype you might fit in, there’s a contest for you at DraftKings. So head on over and sign up. And when you win that million, don’t forget about your favorite fantasy writer…

Author’s note: DraftKings did compensate me for writing this post, however, there is considerable truth to the rumor that I will be immediately depositing that money directly into my DraftKings account.

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