2021 Fantasy Baseball

2021 Fantasy Baseball: Using K%+IFFB%-BB% To Target Relief Pitchers

This quick article and chart is the complement to the starting pitcher article I released yesterday. Please visit that article for more of the history and theory behind this strategy. In short, I use this data set to target both starting and relief pitching prior to the draft and throughout the season during wavier wire or FAAB periods.

I set a 10-inning minimum for 2020 and 40-inning minimum for innings pitched as a reliever for the combined 2019-2020 data set. You may create a similar sheet and adjust your innings minimums and toggle between starters and relievers, should you choose.

This chart is a complement to our closer chart, which you can access here, to determine targets based on your team’s needs.

Here’s a direct link to the chart, but it should also be embedded below. If you have any questions, pop them in the comments and I’ll gladly respond.

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