We continue our trip through the third basemen as we get to the second half of the alphabet. This list may not have the heavy hitters on top of the rankings, but there are some good players on this list. Some of them have come out of nowhere it seems to be a part of the top 24 third basemen in the game. As you might imagine, there are some guys that did not make the final list, but are easily among the top 24 third basemen in the game. We will profile them next time.

For those just joining us, we profile each of the top 24 guys by looking at their rankings in five and six category formats over three and five year intervals. Each player has a composite profile in terms of numbers. We will give them a ranking based primarily on their rankings in the five and six category formats, but sometimes adjustments need to be made based on more recent evidence.

Jake Lamb—Arizona Dbacks (.256, 17.5 HR, 59.5 Runs, 62.5 RBI, 4.5 SB, 52.0 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 14

3 Year 6 Category- 12

5 Year 5 Category- 14

5 Year 6 Category- 13

The 2016 season was an overall disappointment for the Dbacks, but in every dark cloud is a sliver lining and Jake Lamb was the silver lining for the Dbacks. He threw up 29 home runs last year with 91 RBI. Considering it was his first full season we have to assume he will hit at least 20 home runs if healthy. In that world he is easily a fantasy regular. Rank: 12th

Evan Longoria—Tampa Bay Rays (.271, 25.6 HR, 73.6 Runs, 81.0 RBI, 2.2 SB, 50.6 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 10

3 Year 6 Category- 10

5 Year 5 Category- 9

5 Year 6 Category- 9

At the beginning of this five year run, it looked like Longoria was poised to win an MVP award. He seemed to be fading away until hitting 36 bombs last season. Still, he is not the star performer he looked like early in his career. Still, with a few more seasons of steady performance there will be some that will start whispering about Cooperstown. He’s a regular, but not nearly as valuable as he used to be. Rank: 9th

Manny Machado—Baltimore Orioles (.286, 28.0 HR, 81.7 Runs, 71.3 RBI, 7.3 SB, 46.0 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 4

3 Year 6 Category- 3

5 Year 5 Category- 3

5 Year 6 Category- 3

Much like Nolan Arenado, Machado has been brilliant the past two seasons, so these numbers don’t reflect the player he has been. Moreover, he played quite a bit of shortstop last season which makes him eligible at both positions. This isn’t enough to leapfrog him over Arenado, but it is enough to keep him in the top four. Rank: 4th

Trevor Plouffe—Free Agent (..250, 17.2 HR, 55.6 Runs, 64.0 RBI, 1.6 SB, 38.6 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 17

3 Year 6 Category- 16

5 Year 5 Category- 21

5 Year 6 Category- 19

The 64,000 dollar question is where he will end up. That will have more of a dramatic impact on his value than anything he has done in the past. Will he continue to be an everyday player? Last year, he lost some time to injury, but he continued to produce at his normal rate when he was in there. He isn’t a fantasy regular, but he is a nice bench guy to have around. Rank: 18th

Martin Prado—Miami Marlins (.292, 10.6 HR, 67.0 Runs, 69.6 RBI, 5.2 SB, 43.4 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 12

3 Year 6 Category- 13

5 Year 5 Category- 10

5 Year 6 Category- 11

Consider Prado to be a supped up version of Yunel Escobar. Like Escobar, he relies on a high batting average for value. The difference is that he is a little more impactful with a few more home runs and a few more steals. Otherwise, they are the same guy. I’d ignore the rankings somewhat as they say he is a fantasy regular. I think you can do better. Rank: 13th

Jose Ramirez—Cleveland Indians (.264, 6.3 HR, 53.7 Runs, 40.0 RBI, 14.0 SB, 29.7 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 22

3 Year 6 Category- 22

5 Year 5 Category- 20

5 Year 6 Category- 20

Last year was the first season where Ramirez got regular playing time. All Ramirez did was hit .312 with 11 home runs and 22 stolen bases. It is doubtful that we will see that batting average again, but the other numbers are within to the realm of possibility. That’s probably good enough to be a fantasy backup. Rank: 22nd

Anthony Rendon—Washington Nationals (.274, 15.3 HR, 81.7 Runs, 69.3 RBI, 10.0 SB, 53.0 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 9

3 Year 6 Category- 9

5 Year 5 Category- 11

5 Year 6 Category- 12

Rendon seemingly wakes up in the morning ready to hit. Unfortunately, he has been injury prone so far in his career, so he hasn’t put up the high end numbers that everyone expected. He hit 20 home runs in a healthy campaign and he’s done that two out of the last three seasons. He might be a sleeper in your draft. Rank: 10th

Kyle Seager—Seattle Mariners (.266, 24.6 HR, 77.2 Runs, 84.8 RBI, 7.6 SB, 57.8 BB) 

3 Year 5 Category- 6

3 Year 6 Category- 6

5 Year 5 Category- 7

5 Year 6 Category- 5

Seager is basically a carbon copy of Longoria offensively. Both players hit between 20 and 30 home runs in most seasons and they approach 90 RBI when healthy. With Nelson Cruz and Robinson Cano in Seattle, Seager often gets overlooked, but that offense is not what it is without his consistent production. Rank: 6th

Travis Shaw—Boston Red Sox (.256, 14.5 HR, 47.0 Runs, 53.5 RBI, 2.5 SB, 30.5 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 24

3 Year 6 Category- 24

5 Year 5 Category- 24

6 Year 6 Category- 23

For many, this should be Miguel Sano, but he is listed as a right fielder for now. Boston fans expect Yoan Moncada to be the guy and Pablo Sandoval is still under contract. So, chances are that Shaw might not even get enough playing time to be a factor. He really didn’t do anything wrong last year, but he doesn’t have the juice to beat out those guys. Rank: 24th

Yangervis Solarte—San Diego Padres (.272, 13.0 HR, 58.0 Runs, 60.7 RBI, 0.7 SB, 39.0 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 21

3 Year 6 Category- 20

5 Year 5 Category- 17

5 Year 6 Category- 18

Solarte is essentially a Shaw that has worked out. He came up with the Yankees and served a purpose until he was dealt to the Padres. There are always rumors that someone better will come along, but he just continues to produce steady numbers and solidify his spot in the regular lineup. Rank: 20th

Eugenio Suarez—Cincinnati Reds (.257, 12.7 HR, 50.3 Runs, 47.0 RBI, 6.0 SB, 30.0 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 23

3 Year 6 Category- 23

5 Year 5 Category- 22

5 Year 6 Category- 22

Rebuilding teams always have guys like Suarez. You look up at the end of the season and there they are sitting there with 20 home runs. He may or may not end up sticking as a permanent regular. That’s the other thing about those rebuilding teams. While he has those 20 dingers, he also struck out a lot. He probably has one more season before they find something better. Rank: 23rd 

Justin Turner—Free Agent (.303, 16.7 HR, 60.0 Runs, 64.3 RBI, 5.0 SB, 37.3 BB)

3 Year 5 Category- 11

3 Year 6 Category- 11

5 Year 5 Category- 18

5 Year 6 Category- 24

Turner likely won’t be back with the Dodgers because they have to cut payroll. Ownership has too much debt and must cut back because of that. It’s anyone’s best guess as to where he will end up, but he might be the most underrated player in the game. He hit more than 20 home runs last season to add power to his repertoire. Rank: 11th

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