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2019 Fantasy Baseball, Tools of the Trade: June 5th Trade Value Chart

Welcome to the 2019 week nine fantasy baseball trade value chart.’s “Tools of the Trade” is a unique guide for owners to use while attempting to make an even trade with their league-mates in a standard 12-team mixed, 5×5 head-to-head or rotisserie redraft league.

The values present in this guide are simply the basis for a trade. A full-blown analysis of each team’s strengths and weaknesses are essential prior to proposing or accepting a trade offer.

How to use the guide: Ideally, owners will agree to a trade that will aid both sides and stay within $2-$3 of each other in a one-for-one and $4-$5 in a multi-player deal, according to our chart. Players not noted should be considered $1 players.

Here’s the trade chart:

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