This is a list of players who in the top 10 of plate appearances: Vernon Wells, Lyle Overbay, Travis Hafner, Eduardo Nunez and Jayson Nix. If any of you took deep flyers on Wells, Overbay or Hafner in your AL-Only leagues, you have been rewarded. Wells had knocked 7 homeruns and 17 RBI’s, Overbay has 5 homeruns and Hafner is slugging an insane .568. Unfortunately, the windfall of free fantasy statistics isn’t going to late forever and in AL-Only leagues, you must make productive moves, not reactive ones. Rather than waiting for Granderson, Texiera, Alex Rodriquez, and Kevin Youkilis.

What prompted this thinking was the fact that Curtis Granderson has already began his rehab assignment. Once Granderson arrives back on the big league roster, he is immediately going to start taking at bats from Wells and Hafner. All of the production from the bit players is going to be lessened by the playing time crunch that Granderson will create. Hafner is too creaky to play in the field at all, and Wells can only play DH and outfield. Overbay and Brennan Boesch are the most likely to suffer right away, as well.

While it is longer off, Kevin Youkilis is expected to go on the minimum stay on the DL and he will squeeze Overbay, Hafner and Wells even farther. Eventually, Derek Jeter will be back on the field as well and he will actually demand some DH at-bats which is going to make Hafner entirely tertiary. Even the very injured Alex Rodriguez has began baseball activities and once A-Rod is back, the Yankees will have no use for any of these guys who are helping in a very minor way on your team.

Not only is the cavalry coming back, but the current performances can’t be expected to continue. Wells has a 17.1% HR/FB ratio which is a full 5 points higher than his career average and most likely unsustainable. Hafner hasn’t gotten hurt this year, which is by itself a minor miracle, but not as miraculous as his .327 BABIP. Overbay is in the same category as Wells; I just don’t believe his power. The last time he had real power was in 2010 when he hit 20 home runs with Toronto and his HR/FB ratio is a solid 4% higher than his career average.

My best advice would be to try and package Wells and Hafner for someone who is desperate for power. Any sort of upgrade to a full time player who is producing would be acceptable, but an adaquete return might be someone like Anibal Sanchez or Doug Fister. Rather than waiting until these players are no longer worth anything, use them up for their full value.

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