The stock report’s purpose is to show those players that are putting up great performances and those who are not. Each one of the rising players is either coming off a big week or have been gaining momentum each week. The crashing athletes are those that either fell off from an excellent performance or have been struggling this season and are someone you may want to keep an eye on for transactions.


Ryan Tannehill-QB-Miami Dolphins
33/58 passing, 351 yards, three touchdowns, one interception vs. New York Jets

Ryan Tannehill must have felt as though his arm fell off after the game. He finished with 58 attempts connecting on 33 of them for 56.9 percent completion rate. He does average 62 percent, so he was down in that area. His touchdowns and 351 passing yards made up for it. He now has seven touchdowns in his last three games played with only two interceptions. The offense may also get brighter for Tannehill as well. His offensive coordinator Bill Lazor was terminated on Monday, and it appears that interim coordinator Zac Taylor will shift more to the run, and give him more flexibility in calling audibles.  Keep an eye on what the offense looks like before jumping in with two feet.

Adrian Peterson-RB-Minnesota Vikings
29 carries, 158 yards, two touchdowns; two receptions, 49 yards vs. Atlanta Falcons

Adrian Peterson landed in Atlanta and stomped on their turf on his way to 158-yards rushing and two touchdowns. Peterson now has his sixth 100+ yard game in 11 contests. He also has scored in four straight, boosting his touchdown total to five in that span. On the season, Peterson has rushed for 1164-yards and had eight touchdowns. His biggest weakness has come in hanging onto the ball, as he has fumbled six times, losing two. In his last five games, he has been dominant. Adrian Peterson has rushed for 634-yards on 117 attempts for 5.4 yards per carry average. He also has four 100+ yard games including a 200-yard performance against the Raiders.

C.J. Anderson-RB-Denver Broncos
15 carries, 113 yards, two touchdowns; four receptions, 40 yards vs. Minnesota Vikings

C.J. Anderson dominated the tough defense of the New England Patriots and put the undefeated record out to pastor on his 48-yard touchdown run, which was his second of the day. Anderson has been a strange cat the last few games. Against the Packers, he rushed for 101-yards and had a touchdown, and then last week against the Patriots, he hit century mark number two on the season. Maybe, it has to do with facing the teams that haven’t lost yet at home. He tallied the most carries all season, with 15, but the Broncos don’t plan on getting him more involved in the offense as he is still the backup to Ronnie Hillman. But, don’t count him out just yet, the last five games he has averaged 6.3 yards per carry with three touchdowns and eight receptions.

Jarvis Landry-WR-Miami Dolphins
13 catches 165 yards, one touchdown vs. New York Jets

The big talk was how tough the New York Jets defense was, and Landry light them up for 165-yards on 13 catches and a touchdown. Landry tallied only his second 100+ yard game in the season, but he broke career receptions and yards against the Jets. The Dolphins ended up losing, but there are changes on the horizon for the offense. Bill Lazor was fired, and Zac Taylor will take his place. The rumor of the firing was that the offense was too structured around Tannehill, and he didn’t get much wiggle room to offset the calls from the headset. Remains to be seen how different things will be, but I don’t expect too much change, due to a midseason replacement.

Brandon Marshall-WR-New York Jets
Nine catches, 131 yards, two touchdowns vs. Miami Dolphins

So this is what a healthy Brandon Marshall does to opponents. He has been a beast all season in his attempt to keep the New York Jets alive for the playoffs. He caught nine balls for 131-yards and two touchdowns against the Dolphins in a key victory. It was his sixth 100+ yard game and the most he has had all season. His nine catches tied him for the second most, and his two touchdowns was a season high. He now has scored in four straight games and eight-of-ten total contests. He has 71 receptions for 931-yards and nine touchdowns this year, and could be in a career year for the veteran All-Pro wide receiver.


Tony Romo-QB-Dallas Cowboys
11/21 passing, 106 yards, zero touchdowns, three interceptions vs. Carolina Panthers

It has been a year to forget for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. What started out as a promising year, came crashing down in week two. Even upon his return Romo has struggled. In his two games, he has completed 29 on 49 attempts for 333-yards, which is not too ugly. His two touchdowns and five interceptions in that span, however, is. He couldn’t get anything going against the brutal defense of the Carolina Panthers, as he found himself throwing three interceptions and delivering no touchdowns. Romo now is in a holding pattern. Tony Romo suffered a broken collarbone against the Panthers, but the Cowboys don’t want to put the end of season tag on him until they are officially out of the playoffs.

Alfred Morris-RB-Washington Redskins
23 carries, 78 yards, zero touchdowns vs. New York Giants

It wasn’t too long ago that Alfred Morris was making a name for himself, but it seems that is now out the window. He has struggled the last two seasons, and it just isn’t the offensive line that is hampering him. He has played each game this season and had a total of 135 carries for 482-yards, this gives him an average of 3.6 yards per carry. On top of that, he hasn’t even put the ball across the goal line. Yes, in eleven games, Alfred Morris has not scored once. He has only one 100+ yard game, which occurred in week one. Last week against the Giants he had one of his better games. The 3.4 yards per carry average is not anything to be proud of, but his 78-yards is his third highest in the season. It helped that the ‘Skins won.

LeSean McCoy-RB-Buffalo Bills
19 carries, 70 yards, zero touchdowns; three catches, 31-yards, one touchdown vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Before his last two games, LeSean McCoy had 224-yards rushing and a touchdown in games nine and ten. Then against the Patriots and Chiefs he hit a downturn. Totaling only 152-yards on the ground, but he did score against New England and caught a reception for pay dirt against Kansas City. Interesting his receptions have gone up in his last two games, as he has nine for 72-yards, and previously it was seven for 54-yards. I am not overly concerned about McCoy, as both defenses are pretty stout against the run, and he is still putting up points in some fashion. This week the Bills take on the Houston Texans, and they are 15th against the run and hold the sixth-best overall defense. It may be another difficult one for “Shady.”

Randall Cobb-WR-Green Bay Packers
Six catches, 74 yards, zero touchdowns

Randall Cobb has been suffering from the slumping Aaron Rodgers, and his eight receptions for 98-yards and one touchdown in the last two games is a testament to that. He only has one 100+ yard game in the season, which occurred in week two, this time last season, he already had four with ten touchdowns, this year he only has six. In the last three games alone, Cobb has totaled, 13 receptions for 151-yards and one touchdown. There is no doubting that Randall Cobb is on a slide south.


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