BUY – Antonio Gates – TE – San Diego Chargers

Gates has been one of the best tight ends in fantasy football over the course of his career, and his first game in 2015 proves that he is not done yet. Gates had nine catches for 92 yards a two touchdowns in his 2015 debut on Monday Night Football. The Chargers were without Stevie Johnson in this one, so it will be interesting to see what happens when the Chargers have their full load of receivers (Allen, Floyd, Johnson, Gates) all in at the same time. Gates will likely be inconsistent because of the number of receivers that are capable in this offense, not to mention the running backs, but he has proven to have incredible chemistry with Phillip Rivers. And when it comes to crunch time, he will likely use Gates as his security blanket.

BUY – Josh McCown – QB – Cleveland Browns

I’m a big fan of quarterbacks on bad teams. Their team is usually behind, therefore having to pass a lot, and can mop up in garbage time scenarios. Not only is McCown on a bad team that is rarely playing with the lead, but the Browns do not have much to offer in terms of a running game. The Browns are currently 28th in the NFL in rushing, averaging just 88.4 yards per game, which is another reason why McCown has been able to have so much success this season. In the three games McCown has played, he has 1,154 yards (384.6 YPG) and seven touchdowns (six passing, one rushing), compared to just one interception. McCown will likely have a tough time at the office this week as the Browns take on the Broncos, who have the number one defense in the league, but I’m still buying into McCown the rest of the way.

BUY – Eli Manning – QB – New York Giants

Sticking with the quarterback theme, Eli Manning is playing like a two-time Super Bowl champion this season. Since his week one performance against the Cowboys where he told Rashad Jennings not to score and didn’t run the clock out at the end of the game, Manning has 10 touchdowns and just two interceptions while averaging 306 yards per game. This season in fantasy football appears to be a weird one in terms of quarterback play, and Eli Manning has quietly been one of the better quarterbacks in all of the NFL.

SELL – Chris Johnson – RB Arizona Cardinals

Chris Johnson has been great in his limited time with the Cardinals, showing bursts of his old speed with a 40 yard run just last week against the Lions, but Johnson’s carries have gone down from 20 and 22 in weeks two and three, to 16 in week four and just 11 in week five. Andre Ellington is back and healthy for the Cardinals, which means Johnson will likely not get more than 10 to 15 carries per game at the absolute most. He is listed as the number one back on the Cardinals depth chart for this weekends rematch of Super Bowl 43 between the Cardinals and Steelers. Johnson is a sell candidate for me because I believe you could get a significant amount for him right now from someone who is struggling at running back, and I believe his production is only going to go down from here.

SELL – Eddie Lacy – RB – Green Bay Packers

There’s a chance that Eddie Lacy makes me regret this in week six as the Packers take on the Chargers, who can’t seem to stop anyone these days. The Browns ran for over 100 yards on the Chargers, for crying out loud, but I believe that Lacy is hampered by injuries still on that ankle, and I am a fan of being able to get a lot back in return from a guy like Lacy. Lacy has yet to have a game with 20 or more carries and has also yet to have a 100 yard game this season, with only one rushing touchdown. When a preseason top five draft pick is only averaging 8.2 points per game through five weeks, there is some cause for concern. The Packers, obviously, rely heavily on the arm of Aaron Rodgers to move the ball down field, and that will not change even when Lacy is 100%.

SELL – CJ Anderson – RB – Denver Broncos

I don’t think you would be able to get anything for him, but if I’m a CJ Anderson owner, I’m trying to sell him for anything I can get at this point. When was the last time a Broncos running back was able to be a fantasy stud for multiple years in a row? Willis McGahee? Terrell Davis? Remember Knowshon Moreno? He was the Broncos lead back in 2013, racking up over 1,500 yards from scrimmage and was the fifth best running back in fantasy in 2013. He left Dever for Miami because the Broncos had just drafted Montee Ball to be their number one back, who was then being drafted as a first or second round pick in 2014. We all know what happened to Ball, as he was replaced by Ronnie Hillman, and then replaced again by CJ Anderson, who was the best running back in fantasy in 2014 from the time he took over as the lead back. He entered this season as a first round pick coming into the year, and look what is happening. The trend continues in Denver. Look, when Peyton Manning is quarterbacking a team, don’t invest too much into a starting running back. Good for you if you had Anderson last year, he probably helped you win your league, but I’m selling, running, SPRINTING away from any Broncos running back at this point.

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