Jordy Smith

It's on! I am not talking about another surf contest in subpar conditions. I am referring to the man and the boy – Kelly Slater v. Jordy Smith.

Jordy Smith born in 1988 is currently sitting at the top of the rankings as the tour rolls into San Clemente, California for the Hurley Pro at Trestles.  Smith is only 250 points ahead of Slater, born in 1971 and is facing a huge amount of pressure as Slater focuses in at a  contesthe first won when Smith was 2 years old.  Smith, undoubtedly will win multiple world titles by the time he is done, but Slater is frantically attempting to secure his tenth world title and Smith may be forced to wait one more year for a title.

With the conditions being typical for this summer – crap – it will be a hard one to pick a solid team.

Teahupoo treated my picks well and I am currently sitting at 785th place out of 15,984 players.  Not too good, but it could be worse and it most likely will as I try to pick a team for a contest held in less than ideal conditions. 

I invested most of my allotted $50 million into my top two picks and then was forced to pick up some average pros and a few local wildcards to get a full roster.

Hurley Pro 2010 Roster

Kelly Slater – is in 2nd place but is having a hard time winning contests.  Sater needs a win, not a 3rd. Has he lost his mojo to seal the deal?  Go Old Man Go!

Jordy Smith – Smith and Slater could have been the best rivalry in all of surfing if they were closer in age. I expect a top 5 finish.

Taylor Knox – the old guy is sinking fast – hopefully, his familiarity with his local break will propel him into a top 10 finish. Born in 1971 and still going.

Jeremy Flores – small and weak conditions could help the Frenchy see a solid result

Brett Simpson – local knowledge and surfing for Hurley may influence the judges for a few high scores

Adam Melling – unsponsored and surfing well- he will get through a few heats here -needs the money. Is he the new Bede Durbidge?

Rob Machado – wildcard pick – I think the new judging criteria exposes his age.

Kolohe Andino – wildcard pick – born in 1994 – the future is near, but not now. Local knowledge may get him through few heats.

Need to waste a few hours at work?  Watch it live at http://www.hurley.com/hurleypro/

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