Right field might be the strongest position on the diamond. At least, it has had two players that have captured the attention of the baseball world. Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have hit home runs by the bushel, but are they best right fielders in the game? Total points encompass everything a player does offensively, so the results may surprise you. As a more pure way of gauging production, the thinking fan can succeed where blind luck might be the order of the day in standard 5×5 leagues.

Total points is a growing format used primarily in daily fantasy leagues, but also in some season long formats. Every site has its own formula, so we have developed one of our own. For simplification purposes, we are combining steals, walks, and hit by pitches into a positive category and then combining strikeouts, caught stealing, and grounded into double plays into a negative category. Statistics are accurate as of Wednesday September 27.

Total Bases= 1 point each                              SO= -1 point each

Runs= 1 point each                                         CS= -1 point each

RBI= 1 point each                                           GIDP= -1 point each

SB= 1 point each

BB= 1 point each

HBP= 1 point each

The Elite

TB Runs RBI + TP
Giancarlo Stanton 362 118 126 93 -171 528
Mookie Betts 283 98 101 100 -90 492
Aaron Judge 329 125 109 136 -223 476
Nelson Cruz 294 88 115 81 -150 428
J.D. Martinez 290 84 103 57 -144 390
Bryce Harper 247 92 87 70 -107 389

This is as top heavy a list as we can get to and we should take a moment to celebrate Betts. He is second in total runs in spite of the legendary season for Judge. Furthermore, this chart doesn’t even account for his defense. Of course, we will get to the MVP race a little later. Stanton has a good argument in the National League in spite of the fact that the Marlins have been out of contention for much of the season.

With the exception of Judge, this list was predictable at the beginning of the season. Perhaps the most amazing performance was not by the three mentioned, but by Martinez. He missed about six weeks of the season and still managed to put these numbers up. The same could be said for Harper as well. On a per game basis, this is the best collection of players at any position.

The Rank and File

TB Runs RBI + TP
Jay Bruce 273 80 96 56 -147 358
Josh Reddick 231 77 82 50 -84 356
Steven Souza 238 77 78 102 -190 350
Shin Soo Choo 226 94 76 93 -151 338
Nick Markakis 224 75 75 73 -115 332
Domingo Santana 256 85 83 92 -187 329
Avisail Garcia 255 72 80 45 -124 328

The interesting numbers here belong to Reddick and Markakis. They barely have 20 home runs between them and yet both finish in or around the top ten at the position. It shows that the opinions of production change over time. In the beginning of the 21st century, teams didn’t care if they had guys that struck out 200 times as long as they drew walks and hit dingers. Now, things are trending back towards more contact.

Of course, some platforms treat home runs differently, so it bears mentioning that this may not be the case all the time, but the interplay between the positive and negative categories are still key in determining a player’s success. Souza and Santana suffer some even though they produce good positive numbers across the board because of those strikeouts. It bears paying attention to if you plan on playing this format next season.

The Rest

TB Runs RBI + TP
Yasiel Puig 233 66 70 78 -127 320
Matt Joyce 210 75 66 72 -120 303
Kole Calhoun 212 74 67 82 -142 293
Max Kepler 213 66 68 58 -113 292
Scott Schebler 227 63 65 58 -131 282
Jose Bautista 210 91 62 98 -183 278
Hunter Pence 186 53 65 43 -111 236

It’s easy to look at these guys and criticize them for finishing on the bottom, but Puig and Joyce would be in the second group of almost any other position. We have to take these things into account when picking for a daily fantasy league or in the draft next season. You can wait awhile on outfielders in general and right fielders specifically. In some cases, these guys would be much better with just a little health.

Bautista could be an interesting buy low candidate next season. He might slip all the way through drafts, but with just a little bit of luck could produce between 300 and 350 points next season. That is even assuming his decline is permanent. Meanwhile, Schebler and Kepler could continue to trend upwards. It’s an interesting position.

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