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2020 Fantasy Baseball: NFBC Best Ball Cutline & ATC Projections

Recently, Razzball created an industry fantasy baseball league entitled #RazzSlam. It’s a 12-team best ball league with an overall component similar to the NFBC style overall contests. In order to prepare for this draft, I merged the NFBC Cutline scoring with Ariel Cohen‘s ATC Projections (that can be found on FanGraphs) to build some cheat sheets and rankings to work with. This practice was rather elementary and just one of the many resources that Todd Clark and I used to guide our selections. I highly recommend you do your own research and simply use this chart as a reference point, should you consider using it all.

To skip to the charts/cheat sheets, scroll to the bottom of this article. To learn more about the NFBC’s Best Ball Cutline Championship, please see the rules and scoring below.

From the NFBC website regarding the official rules of their Best Ball Cutline Championship:

The Best Ball Cutline Championship is a points-based league designed to approximate the relative contribution value of batter and pitcher outcomes in standard NFBC rotisserie leagues.

A starting lineup will consist of 14 hitters and 9 pitchers, with the same positions and position eligibility of standard NFBC leagues. Scoring is automatic, with each teams highest scoring lineup of 2 catchers, 1 first baseman, 1 second baseman, 1 third baseman, 1 shortstop, 1 middle infielder (2B or SS), 1 corner infielder (1B or 3B), 5 Outfielders, 1 Utility Hitter and 9 pitchers counting toward that teams points.

Every team’s optimal scoring lineup will be automatically scored each week (Monday through Sunday) from the required 23 starting positions.

Categories include:

For Hitters

  • Home Run: 6 points
  • Stolen Base: 5 points
  • Hit: 4 points
  • Run: 2 points
  • RBI: 2 points
  • At-bat: -1 point

For Pitchers

  • Win: 6 points
  • Save: 8 points
  • Inning Pitched: 3 points
  • Strikeout: 1 point
  • Hit or Walk Allowed: -1 point
  • Earned Run Allowed: -2 points

There is no minimum innings pitched limit in the Best Ball Cutline Championship since your optimal scoring lineup is automatically scored each week. Your best nine scoring pitchers each week and they could all be Starting Pitchers or all Relievers will be scored each week, so build your roster accordingly.

View the rankings directly here, or scroll below. The charts are split into tabs you can toggle between on the bottom: overall, bats, arms, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, P, MI and CI. You’ll notice players with multiple position eligibility appear multiple times on the overall tab, mostly because I haven’t had time to fix that just yet.

We’ll post a review of our team at the conclusion of the draft.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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