Thankfully we’re back to a ten-game slate this Wednesday night. I’m not sure I could have handled another five-game night like last night again. There are multiple double-digit spreads tonight including CHI/PHI, MEM/UTH, and SAS/LAL. Beware of stacking those teams tonight with so many games going on. Let’s see what Draftstreet has to offer tonight!


Ty Lawson ($16,729) has a matchup tonight that he was dominant against the last time he played them. He goes up against the Pistons, who he went 6/3/7 against in just the first half before getting hurt. In his last eight games he’s only shooting 39% from the field, but those stats are skewed by a 0-12 performance two games ago. He rebounded nicely in his last game shooting 5 of 9 from the field.

Mike Conley ($13,356) has a solid matchup against the Jazz tonight and should be able to score well against them. He has double-digit points in six straight games even though he’s not shooting all that well from the floor. In his last five games, he’s averaging 16/4/4/1 shooting 43% from the field. It’s not all that great, but it’s better than 36% in his last seven games.

D.J. Augustin ($9,535) is a scoring threat for the Bulls and should do so tonight against the 76ers. He’s a 39% shooter from three, and most recently during his last seven games he’s shooting 47% from the field. He’s averaging 17 pints during that time with four assists and just one turnover per game. There’s no reason to get into this matchup more as we all know the 76ers give up plenty of threes.


Greg Monroe ($15,904) has been another creature as of late. He struggled to be dominant early on in the season, but since the coaching change he has played great. He has 10+ rebounds in five straight games with four double doubles during that time. The Nuggets are a great matchup for him tonight.

Kenneth Faried ($15,634) was a beast for me the other night and I expect him to do the same tonight against Detroit. In just 19 minutes against them last time out, he put up 11/3/1/0/1, so there is big potential here. It’s not just that stat line that gives him upside. He has played great in his last six games averaging 22/11/1/1/1.

Boris Diaw ($8,114) should see solid 20s in minutes tonight and possibly more if a blowout happens. He’s averaging 9/3/6/1 over his last seven games and has done it with a nice FG% from the field (75%). We all know that the Lakers struggle against big men, so Diaw could do real damage even with limited minutes. He’s averaging 10/3/2/1/1 in his two games (19 minutes) against the Lakers this season.


Marc Gasol ($14,319) is one center I really like tonight. He’s going up against the Jazz and their younger big men. He’s averaging 15/4/7/1/2 over his last seven games and should easily repeat that tonight. I think it’s very possible we see triple double alerts across twitter tonight because of Gasol. Over those games he’s averaging 29.18 fantasy points per game.

Kelly Olynyk ($8,563) is a legitimate option tonight against the Heat. He is playing 21 minutes per game in his last six, but he’s still averaging 10/6/1/1. The Heat could blow out the Celtics and that should mean even more minutes for Olynyk. On the season, he’s averaging 6/4/2/1/1 in just 17 minutes of action against Miami.

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