Welcome to TheFantasyFix.com’s week six fantasy football rankings. Here you’ll find the staff’s composite fantasy football quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, defense and kicker rankings.

Feel free to leave your sit/start questions in the comments below, but know that we will likely defer to our rankings to determine who we’d suggest. If you do leave your questions, be sure to leave all pertinent league information along with your questions.

Best of luck in week six!

Teams on bye: Atlanta, Miami

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Look at Alan with the bold rankings this week. He has Jay Cutler as a definitive top ten play with a #8 ranking, Stafford as a decisive “sit” this week with a #19 ranking, and Chad Henne ranked as a starter in 12-team leagues. Ballsy. Whenever I see mine and Alan’s rankings be so far apart, I reconsider my position. As for Cutler, I went back and looked at the guys I had ranked directly ahead of him and decided to move him up to QB10 (originally had him at QB13) over guys like Stafford, Rivers and Kaepernick. And I also agree with Alan to a degree on Henne. There’s just going to be so much junk time for the Jags. I moved Henne up to QB15 (originally QB21). But on Stafford I just don’t agree with Alan. I think he’s still a borderline starter in twelve team leagues. Alan’s hesitation is likely due to uncertainty about Megatron’s status and Cleveland’s excellent performance against lesser QBs so far. But I believe Megatron will be back this week, and I’m not as worried about the matchup.

Running Back

Alan still believes in MJD to some degree with a RB13 ranking, but I have him at RB20 and wouldn’t have any problem sitting him if you had better options. We also disagree on the New Orleans running backs. Alan has Pierre Thomas in his top 20 and Darren Sproles outside the top 20 and I have them ranked the opposite of that. Alan also thinks Le’Veon Bell may be a “sit” against a tough Jets run defense, but I still have him in my top 20 simply because the options at that point are all so bad. And a lot of those bad options also have bad matchups. And finally, Alan continues to like Gio Bernard much more than I do.

Wide Receiver

Because Alan is all in on Chad Henne, he’s all in on Justin Blackmon with a WR9 ranking. I have Blackmon as a borderline start with a WR21 ranking, but I prefer Cecil Shorts who Alan and I both have ranked inside the top 20. Alan has Vincent Jackson as a borderline start with a WR19 ranking, but I have him as a top ten play against an Eagles defense I consider to be one of the best matchups for receivers. We also disagree on Eric Decker and Antonio Brown. Alan has Decker in his top 15 while I have Brown there; Alan has Brown outside his top 20 while I have Decker there. My thinking on Decker is that the Broncos aren’t going to need to score 40 in this game, and someone is going to get left out. The Jags have been burned by #1 receivers and slot guys but decent against the second options outside. But our biggest difference may be on Hakeem Nicks; Alan has him at WR16 while I have him at WR32.

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  1. October 9, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Thanks to Brett for the commentary on the rankings. Remember, these are our initial rankings, they will be updated throughout the week as we receive player updates. Best of luck!

  2. J
    October 10, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Nice to see some rankings that aren’t just the same old same old. Tired of getting screwed over on TRich as a top 10 kind of back every week, to name a few.
    Who would you Flex?
    Cobb, Garcon, TRich, Gordon or Blackmon? Hesitant 2 do TRich. Blackmon could have a great game. Thoughts? Thanks!