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A Theory About Chip Kelly’s Master Plan

In the past week alone, Chip Kelly has traded LeSean McCoy for former Oregon Duck linebacker Kiko Alonso, let Jeremy Maclin leave for Kansas City and hlet offensive guard Todd Herremans sign with the Colts. He is clearly doing a team overhaul, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. Although he also gave pass rusher Trent Cole and corner back Cary Williams the boot recently as well. The Eagles have also signed corner back Byron Maxwell to a huge deal, 31-year old running back Frank Gore and quarterback Mark Sanchez on Sunday. They reportedly gave Sanchez a two-year, $16 million contract. That begs the question, what are they doing? After talking to sources familiar with the organization I have developed a theory on what Philly’s master plan is.

It has been heavily speculated that the Eagles will trade up to get Heisman trophy winning QB Marcus Mariota. Their trade partner would most likely be the Jets. Well that is no longer the case. Kelly has realized he cannot trade up to the No. 6 spot in this season’s draft to get Mariota. The price is just too steep. So he has developed a new game plan.

It is somewhat common knowledge that Nick Foles is not the man that Kelly wants to be his franchise quarterback. And it is a bit peculiar that they gave a backup QB so much money. That’s because he’s not going to be a backup at all. After having trade talks with the Jets, Kelly will concede that trading up to Mariota will not happen. However, the Jets have been teased with the proposition of acquiring Foles, so they still want him. Philly is very willing to move him. So the Jets will give up a second round pick for him. The Jets desperately need to address their quarterback situation and compared to the rest of the free agent and rookie quarterbacks, Foles is great value for the No. 37 pick in the draft. So this is the next big move Philly will make.

This takes us to draft day and the Eagles have a ton of holes to fill now. Obviously Kelly’s diabolical plot for NFL domination does not revolve around Mr. Butt-Fumble. He is merely a place holder. Sanchez can be serviceable while Kelly grooms his QB of the future. With the 20th-overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select quarterback out of UCLA, Brett Hundley. Hundley is a raw talent with major upside that can fit nicely in Kelly’s offensive scheme. And that scheme is all Kelly cares about or believes in. Now they are sitting pretty with two second round picks.

With the second-round pick acquired by the Jets, the Eagles can address another glaring need. Although they did just bring in Maxwell, they could still use help in their secondary. There will be a number of excellent prospects sitting there at the fifth pick in the second round. So who will Kelly choose? Oregon product Ifo Ekpre-Olomu of course. Did you really think Kelly would get to the third round without selecting and Oregon player?

Now with the 52nd-overall pick, the Eagles can focus their attention on other needs. They could address outside linebacker or defensive end since they need a pass rusher, but I believe they go in a different direction. With Darren Sproles and Gore both playing a key role in the rushing attack they will need to get a bit younger at the position. Both players will be 32-years old when the 2015 season kicks off. There is one explosive running back in the draft (that may still be available) that can run, catch and take it to the house at any moment. That man is Miami running back Duke Johnson. Gore has one season left as a potential starter and Sproles doesn’t have much time left either. If Johnson is gone, Boise State running back Jay Ajayi should still be available. If worse comes to worse they can always address another position. O-line and pass rusher are the most likely.

Until the draft the Eagles will fill holes with moderately priced veterans. Look for them to grab a wideout, defensive back and an offensive lineman or two. Don’t count on a ton of big splashes though. I don’t buy in to the idea of them taking Colin Kaepernick’s contract off the 49ers hands either. Kelly clearly doesn’t believe in paying offensive players big money. He possesses the arrogance to believe he doesn’t need them. Whether that is actually the case remains to be seen. Defense is a different story. However, with a few huge moves already, the rest of his defensive roster adjustments may be a bit more modest.

While I have done my research and talked to people close to the organization, this is purely my theory and speculation. There have been no statements from the Eagles confirming or eluding to my concept. Time will tell how much validity it really has.

BREAKING NEWS: The Eagles have reportedly agreed to trade QB Nick Foles to the St. Louis Rams for QB Sam Bradford.

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