L.A. Times reported this morning Manny Ramirez of the LA Dodgers tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs.  Today begins the first game of his 50 game suspension.  The earliest he can return is:  JULY 3rd. 

Fantasy Impact:  Andre Either – who bats in the cleanup spot behind Manny will not see as many good pitches to hit.  No question his numbers will suffer. 

Who to pick up:  Juan Pierre – If your team is lacking SB this is going to be a great grab for you.  He will also contribute to your Batting Average, and Runs.

The real losers are the Manny owners.  He was hitting .348 with 22R 6HR 20RBI through the first week in May.  In the NL those numbers make him a true Triple Crown threat.

What I would do:  TRADE HIM NOW

Who would want him?  Look for teams toward the top of your league.  No doubt they have been riding really hot players through April, and have lots of depth.  They can take Manny and stash him.  While you  get a viable replacement for the gap he left behind.

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