Good morning fellas! Welcome to another day and hopefully another dollar, or two! There is a full slate of baseball action to discuss, so I won’t keep you waiting, scroll down for meat and potatoes.

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It’s another dreary day across the nation. Skies are bleak, forecasts even more so. Make sure you’re staying on top of this stuff, but the areas in most jeopardy are: Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Atlanta.

Positional Breakdown

Starting Pitchers

So last night played out just about how we expected it to with starting pitchers. Mad Max and Chris Sale were dynamite, like we knew they would be. Tonight doesn’t give us any real flashy pitching duels, but does provide us with some really nice options for DFS. I guess I should make note that King Felix and Clayton Kershaw are pitching tonight, they’re always solid options, so pay up for them if you so choose. However, I’m going to focus on two arms in different directions. We haven’t seen a whole lot from Alex Cobb this year, and we have seen quite a bit of change in the Astros offensively, but I’m on Cobb tonight. While Cobb’s K/9 has fallen a tad, the Astros strikeout percentage of 22.3% should be able to help that out. He’s a polished guy who knows how to pitch and knows how to win. There aren’t many Astros bats that are going to scare me away from him.

If you want to look for some very high upside elsewhere; take a look at Andrew Cashner. Cashner has incredible stuff and was the key proponent in the trade that sent Anthony Rizzo to Chicago a few seasons ago. He’s had some injury history, but when healthy has been pretty masterful. He induces a lot of ground balls and has the potential to send batters back to the bench fairly efficiently. The best part is, despite not pitching at Petco, he doesn’t really lose anything tonight at Citi Field. The rain is of concern, but like I said, this is high upside potential against an atrocious Mets offense that strikes out 10th most in the league.


I always just make a little asterisk next to certain positions when I know that the top play is super easy. Tonight the top catcher is super easy. Buster Posey does not care what left-handed pitchers think of him, he crushes them. He dances to a career wOBA of .415 against left-handed guys and tonight faces Jorge De La Rosa, need I say more?

First Baseman

Dear Chris Davis,

I keep recommending you to my readers. You keep not doing anything well when I recommend you. Tonight you face a young right-handed pitcher named Drew Hutchison. You are at home. You like hitting at home. You hit homeruns. You like facing right-handed pitchers. He is a right-handed pitcher. You like hitting homeruns. Hit a homerun.


Logan Hitchcock

Second Basemen

I haven’t really jumped on the Dee Gordon bandwagon in a while. Dee, the son of Tom, and brother of newly minted 5th overall pick, Nick, is a very fast individual. His torrid start has cooled a tad and the Dodgers have slowed their roll as a team. Whether Mattingly is dealing with getting the guys together or not, Dee Gordon is always in our hearts as a valuable DFS option. Now, when you’re thinking of grabbing a leadoff guy, you’d like for them to get on base and while Dee isn’t speaking Sin-soo Choo, his .327 OBP becomes quite masterful when you factor in what he’s capable of doing when on the bases. He’s got 36 swiped bags and hasn’t done so in a week, he’s itching to run. All he needs to do is get himself on base 1 of his 4 at bats tonight (this would be below his current OBP) and he will get you a stolen base I promise it.

If Dee ain’t your thang, Robinson Cano is at home against Nick Tepesch, yep, you’re welcome.

Third Basemen

Again we reach the position that shall not be named. I could easily just say Miguel Cabrera against Kyle Gibson, but then who would I be, some bandwagon DFS junkie? Instead, I’m going to suggest perhaps one of the most unknown, underrated, quiet, sneaky, cheap, sneaky, good, (did I say sneaky?) plays of all time. Luis Valbuena keeps hitting. Seriously, this isn’t a Cubs homer joke, he keeps getting hits. It’s weird, but he’s on fire. He’s raised his average to .293 and has like four billion multi-hit games in a row. He’s not driving the ball out of the ball park but his consistency and two-baggers make up for it. He’s not going to cost you very much, despite his awesome recent play, and tonight he faces Roberto Hernandez. Guys, use him, he’s a good player (right now) and will fit nicely in your lineup.


Geez. Shortstop is hard too. I’m going to stick to a common theme today though and give you guys a speedster to think about. So, Jose Reyes, isn’t the same threat he once was, and in fact, he never will be again. What Jose Reyes does have going for him tonight is the opposing pitcher, Ubaldo Jimenez. Ubaldo, despite the flare and allure that could make him an exceptional pitcher, just doesn’t have what it takes to get it done right now. Reyes shall take advantage of that tonight. Take notice, Reyes has been so much better against right-handed pitchers this season, displaying a 42 point difference in wOBA between the two sides. Not to mention, he’s hitting in front of some very big boppers and has the potential to change the game with his legs.


Alas, we have hit the outfield. Are there Angels out here? Well not today. Do you guys like homeruns? I do. Today, the trio I’m recommending hits a lot of homeruns. They also all have plus, plus matchups and should seemingly skyrocket your fantasy team point totals to the top of the leader boards. Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Upton and Brandon Moss get the dubious honor of being my three guys tonight. Stanton is a monster, a very big, strong scary monster that has an ISO of .317 against left-handed guys while at home. Upton, while being one of the streakiest, yet most talented players in baseball also gets to face a left-handed starter tonight. He hasn’t been too shabby against left-handers this season, his ISO is only .500 against them. Yes, .500. And of course, last but not least, Brandon Moss, the guy who wants to hit more homeruns. Well he’s doing so and tonight faces weak right-hander, David Phelps. Moss doesn’t care who is on the mound, if they’re right-handed he’s probably going to homer, and I fully expect him to tonight.





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