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2016-17 Fantasy Basketball: Initial Top-200 Roto Rankings

You have likely already seen my initial H2H top-200, well, now it’s time to look at my early roto league top-200. These are not majorly different, but there are definitely some tweaks aimed at roto leagues. The bad percentage guys dropped, the players who aren’t amazing at any one category but are very well balanced rose up a bit and some players that I am simply not as confident in making it health-wise declined some as well.

In H2H leagues, you can survive a player missing 15 games easier because that’s only a few matchups, but in roto, every stat counts towards the end game. Losing a player you rely on for chunks of the season can ruin your hopes of winning it all. Of course, you can’t predict injuries, but the guys who seem to miss time like clockwork are less likely to find their way onto my teams, especially in the earlier rounds. It’s why you see Anthony Davis a couple spots lower, Jrue Holiday (who I love this year when healthy), Danilo Gallinari and more, knocked down a few pegs in these rankings. The upside of all of those players exceeds their ranking of course, but I tend to play things a little safer when it comes to roto.

Last year I refused to rank percentage killers, but it seemed that people weren’t fond of that, so this year I have the Andre Drummond, DeAndre Jordan and other category killing types in the rankings, but I still wouldn’t personally touch them, and in all likelihood wouldn’t get them where I have them ranked even now anyways. I just put them where I’d consider them IF I were the type who didn’t mind punting a category in this format. While avoiding category tankers, I’m a big fan of players who rack up the tougher to find stats like assists, steals, blocks and 3-pointers.

For further insight into the way that I play roto, look back to the roto league strategy article that I wrote just last year. That piece breaks down every tidbit of how I draft and play to win in roto leagues.

Let’s not drag this out any further, let’s get to the reason you’re all here, the top-200 roto rankings:

There you have it. Now, let me know what you think in the comments section. I’m a stubborn, thick-skinned guy, so don’t be afraid to tell me that you think I’m stupid for ranking a player you like so low, or having a player you dislike so high. This gives more hints as to the players that I am very high/low on for the upcoming season at this point. Look for articles soon on breakouts, sleepers, busts and so much more that will give reasoning behind why I am so optimistic/pessimistic on certain players.

Also, these are such early rankings that it’s honestly difficult to do without knowing how coaches will work their rotations and such, especially for the non-stars. So, these ranks will change a lot between now and a month from now when I update things, and even more in October when I’ll update basically every week or so leading up to your drafts. Sam Macey should have our dynasty ranks ready to go in the next week or so, and the recap of our currently on-going industry mock draft will be posted within a week with a deeply informative Q&A portion with each of the twelve participating experts. KEEP IT LOCKED!

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  1. Nick
    October 24, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    Why did you place Jrue at 34? Do you expect him back as early as the first month?

    • Nick
      October 24, 2016 at 3:24 pm

      edit – 38.