With outfielders ticked off, we’ll take a look at the outfield and find some more value based on current NFBC ADPs. Below are the 2019 stats of four outfielders; three of whom have very similar ADPs right now and another not being shown nearly as much love.

Max Kepler 145 596 98 90 36 1 .252 .336 .519
Franmil Reyes 147 548 69 81 37 0 .249 .310 .512
Kyle Schwarber 150 610 82 92 38 2 .250 .339 .531
Joc Pederson 203 514 83 74 36 1 .249 .339 .538


I have zero problems ranking them four in the order they’re in now. But I don’t think there’s a 4-5 round difference between the top three and Pederson. That’s got nothing to do with the fact the father of my longest-standing redraft leagues commissioner once sold him a house. It’s primarily as Pederson put up comparable stats against the other three last year despite significantly fewer plate appearances.

It is no secret Pederson is primarily a platoon player given his struggles against left-handed pitching. His career stat lines are;

Vs RHP: .242/.353/.507

Vs LHP: .188/.263/.310

The Dodgers have no reason to play Pederson against lefties and aren’t averse to playing matchups. That’s not actually a negative for Pederson. He had 49 plate appearances against LHP last year and one RBI and scored 6 runs. Despite this, Pederson still managed to put up comparable counting stats and his average won’t be a drain if he’s protected against lefties. The Dodgers will still score plenty of runs to help with that too.

The other key thing for Pederson is his current potential opposition. His four division rivals currently project to have a total of four left-handed starting pitchers come Opening Day. With the new rules regarding relievers facing three batters, there could be fewer occasions where Pederson gets pinch hit for.

In leagues with weekly roster moves, Pederson is a slightly less attractive player to draft as there will be a bit more guesswork and the potential for having to bench him due to the schedule. Pederson is being drafted as a fifth outfielder and in leagues with daily roster moves, you can easily add a sixth outfielder to act as cover as and when needed.

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